Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Nothing On My Own...

Bullet points two days in a row may be a very good indicator of my current mental capabilities.

There's so much swirling around in my head I can't narrow it down to any one thing thus I'll just regurgitate it all into bullets. OK?
  • 7pm last night: Bible Club. 52 kids. FIFTY TWO KIDS! 52 precious lives. This ministry exists in order to share the life-changing power of Jesus...the hope and forgiveness we have through's an honor to minister to these kids.

  • Ben was able to deliver a check from our church to a family in tinytown that attends Bible Club and were caught in both the tornado and flood. She didn't open the envelope while Ben was there, but thanked him graciously and shared some of her financial burdens since these disasters. I pray that after Ben was gone, and she opened that envelope, she felt the love of a Savior that wants more than anything to be her provider, to give her new life.

  • As Ben and I sat in awe of last night, I sobbed...completely humbled. I could give you a list two miles long of all our inadequacies in our ministry here...but a line from a Casting Crowns song called In Me (which has been our theme song since moving to tinytown), keeps playing over and over in my head..."How refreshing to know you don't need me, how amazing to find that you want me."

  • We then turned the TV on to watch the debate that we had dvr'd...what a terrible idea. In the past debates I've been giving Ben a hard time about his interaction with the TV...apparently last night was my turn. At one point, Eli said to the TV, "Stop lieing, you're freaking my mom out." *smiles* You are correct particular candidates back-pedaling and out-right lies on his stance/voting record regarding abortion freaks mommy out...I may need to move to Canada after election day...I will miss you tiny town ;)

  • Woke up this morning at 7:38 AM...yeah, that's a tad bit late. Spent the next 20 minutes rushing around getting the kids ready for school.

  • Then realized the carpet cleaners come today and we forgot to empty the living/dining rooms, which means I now have to do it myself...bummer.

  • Made coffee.

  • Now blogging instead of 1)emptying living/dining room 2) showering.

  • Thinking that I can't leave ya today without a video of that song...

  • Enjoy bloggy friends :)


  1. Wow - I am the first to post on your blog this morning!!!

    I can really relate to your bullet list. I didn't watch the debate last night - I cannot handle liars. We are trying to work through our children and lying daily in our home and I just couldn't bear to hear more.

    There is a standing joke in our home between Randy and I . . .

    one night after dealing with a whole lotta lying I said . . . You know honey, I think we are raising a few Democrats. He stopped what he was doing and looked at me . . . what do you mean? I said, well I can only conclude that we are raising democrats because everytime they open their mouths they are lying. This cracked him up.

    Isn't it a shame that America can't see through this man?

    Sorry Democrat people . . . no offense intended.

  2. We watched about 5 minutes of the debate, and then went back to Project Runway. It was just ridiculous!

    How amazing what God's doing through you & Ben...especially in the lives of these children! Praise His Name! I know that song, and I love it too. So true!

    P.S. I seriously heart bullet points. It takes the pressure off from having to create a cohesive post (sorry...that's my Project Runway speak!)

  3. "and I'll stand on Your truth and fight with YOUR strength till You bring a the POWER of Christ in ME" yeah baby there is a Casting Crowns song for EVERYTHING they are such a blessing to so many!!! BUT i am still ticked that "I Know You're There" did not make the Altar and the Door Live CD...but that is just me ;-) have a good day sunshine (yep, that is what you are to me!)

  4. ha and you said regurgiate that is an awesome word yeah a nice word for barf!! YA HOO!!

  5. Sending you this today:

    "{We} is terrific!"
    ~Diana Ross

    You're awesome Sarah...

    With God, with Ben, with your boys, with your family, with your friends...

    You make {WE} terrific!

  6. I totally heart Casting Crowns....3 of their songs are the 1st ones on my i-pod during my morning runs!
    Yay for 52 kiddos!!!! I would've sobbed, too! God is, oh, so good.

  7. Hee, hee...

    "Stop lying. You're freaking my mom out!"


  8. I had great intentions to watch all debates this year.....didn't happen. CANNOT stand the negativity and the lies.....

  9. Sarah - 52 children? That is wonderful!!!

    Praying for you & your hubby because this is a fundamental ministry you guys are doing. The children are our future and I am so excited for you guys going out and bringing the Truth to them at an early age. I can't think of a better person to do it. :)

  10. hey totally know what you mean about the debate...I woke with a heavy heart! Isn't it great to know our reward is not on this earth? They can take everything, everything from me, but no one can take away my hope!
    Love the boy yellin at the TV-They Freak me out too!
    The 52 kids learning of the love of Jesus is the hope in our future not those guys with lots of promises! Rose

  11. Sarah -

    I can totally relate with the "interaction" with the TV comment.

    I drive my family crazy because I talk back to the TV - especially when it comes to politics. I do think it has rubbed off on my hubby though. He told me not to yell at the TV so he could hear. Not two minutes later HE was the one yelling.

    This election is in 100% in God's Hands. He is in control. That is my daily reminder to myself. Pray, pray, pray!

  12. Thanks for sharing the video. God is so good to us.

  13. I should really turn to bullet points more often. I've just been rambling my jumbled list of thoughts and making no sense...

    Thank you for the song. Needed that today. What if "my own ability" was all I had? Oh dear...Thank God He's the "power in me."


  14. LOVE that song!

    Here is a great post of Obamas stance on Abortion by Randy Alcorn

  15. Just sit and pray on days like this. ;)
    I love the bullet points, I'm a list person and they are kinda like that!

  16. Casting Crowns are so awesome... After I had been "away" from Christ for some time, my brother suggested I listen to them, and the first time I did I broke down in my car and re-dedicated my life to Him....
    I just love your post today, in all my silliness lately it helps me to remember what's important.
    Big hugs to you!

  17. My sister and I follow your blog regularly and we love hearing about your ministry. It reminds us so much of my parents ministry which started out as a little church with about 15 people and now we have a weekend attendance of about 1500. It has been a blessing to be apart of the process and reading your blog often reminds me of how faithful God has been. I pray for your church and your family and the work that God is doing.

  18. dang you made me cry?!?!
    are you free this sat? maybe we should go out! J is dying to go out too!

  19. I too went back to Project Runway.

    I love the idea of the bullets you are so inspirational!

  20. I'll help you. Will work for coffee.

  21. I love your blog...and your randomness! I came to your blog...well, I don't know I guess randomly. Through the the blog of a blog of a friend of a friend. Hope you don't mind, I'm adding you to my list. Your posts are refreshing and hilarious all at the same time. God bless you as you live the life of His daughter in this random, crazy world!

  22. I love your random bullet lists...easy to read and they make me laugh

  23. 52 kids! Wow, Jesus is doing some amazing things through you all in Tiny Town.

    I didn't watch the debate either, we were at church, but I'm pretty sure I would have been yelling at the TV, too. Man.

  24. 52 kids?? That is AWESOME!!!! WOW!

    Ok, I heard about the debate, unfortunately forgot to set the DVR....also considering moving to Canada...Mexico...Thailand...hmmm



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