Monday, October 27, 2008

Sometimes I Annoy Myself

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Mondays...what a day.

It seems I spend most Mondays just catching up. Catching up on the cleaning, and the laundry and all kinds of miscellaneous stuff.

So I figure I'll "catch you up" on some stuff too...since it's Monday and all.

Remember this post? Well I mentioned the lunch account I added money to their account that day through the online payschool thingy and then forgot about it...until Friday when I unloaded Eli's backpack and found another note that said my children were now $35 in the hole...somehow the money I added never got credited to their lunch account.

I sorta stewed about it all weekend, then went into the school first thing this morning to try to get it figured out. Turns out, no one knows what's going on for sure...and I think I've annoyed both of the school offices in our district with my phone calls.

Now that I've completely bored you with all those details, I may actually get to my point...which is: This circumstance is really, REALLY not that big of a deal. Which causes me to ask myself, "Dude, what is your deal?!?" (I still use the word dude...can't help myself)

Why, WHY is this bothering me so much? And then I gave myself a list:

  • It makes me look like a bad mother who is neglecting her kids...and I'm NOT! I put the money in there!
  • I picture my poor little boys being told they have no money to eat...and being offered a PB&J because their mom has....neglected them.
  • It annoys me.

See a theme here? Me me me me me me me. *sigh* Pathetic. Completely pathetic...and sad...and disgusting :) Get my drift?

God used me today to teach myself a lesson...and it has to do with my ginormous need for the next Bible Study I'll be starting shortly.

In that same post I mentioned the need for Beth Moore DVDs...and if you go back and read through the comments, you'll find one from The Domestic Fringe offering to send me them. And guess what? SHE DID!!!

The Fringe girl and I...we're newer bloggy friends, and without hesitation, she offered those (expensive) DVDs to a fellow sister in Christ...and I did what I do...I cried.

I wanna be like her. Guess what the Beth Moore study is called? Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit.

Guess who might need to start living beyond themselves? Guess who needs a little lot more of the Holy Spirits power in her life?

Yeah...that'd be me. And probably a few others too. Maybe. :)


  1. i feel for ya! no one wants to feel like they are incorrectly being labeled a negligent mama!

    wow...kudos to the domestic fringe lady...what a way to bless you.

    enjoy the dvds!

  2. I will pray for you and all the "few others" Who need the next study. HA! HA! I am sure the study will be a revealing yet rewarding process as always.

  3. You can count me in the group that needs to start living beyond myself. I am a comfort girl, and when my comfort is in jeapardy, I'm crabby. Thank you for the reminder.

  4. Ouch! I hate when God uses "me" to teach "me" a lesson! Thanks for humbling me with that story this morning. (Needed that!) Count me among those who need more Holy Spirit...less me.

    WOW! How awesome that your sweet new blogger buddy sent you those DVD'! God is GOOD! Those DVD's are definitely expensive to buy...I would have cried too. Thanks for sharing that sweet blessing.

    Hang in there girlie,

  5. I need it too. I had to drive for 5 hours this morning so I haven't even done my daily reading.

  6. I've done that Bible study twice, watched the videos countless times and can still stand to be reminded of the lessons at least daily (more like 5x's a day if I'm honest).
    God used that Bible study to be life changing for me and I pray He'll do the same for you.

  7. I know how you feel. I can't stand looking like a "bad mama." But, it seems to happen quite a bit, despite all my efforts to be the best mama.

  8. Ooooh...we're going to start that study in January & I can't wait! I did it once before & I know that I need to be freshened up with it now!

    Pray for us '25 South' girls & we'll pray for you 'Tiny Town' girls!!

  9. You see, God uses even the internet to glorify Himself. How awesome is that?

    I have done this study and it is AWESOME! I can hardly wait to hear how he speaks to you through it.

    I don't know about your area but our state organization (the Tennessee Baptist Convention) has a slew of these studies that you can check out (for FREE) if your church is affliated. We just did Priscilla Shirer's study "When God Speaks". I know, in "Tiny Town" you're probably not in the same metropolis where this organization would be located but I would imagine that they would ship them to you and you could return ship when done. Just an idea for future reference.

  10. What an awesome answered prayer! Living Beyond Yourself was the first BM study I did back in college. You are going to love it!

    And look at it this way, at least if anyone accuses you of neglecting your kids, you have your blog as proof that you're not! :)

  11. Praise God for that answer to your prayer! I hope you enjoy the study. I went through it recently on my own and enjoyed it, learning so much of course.

  12. These issues matter to moms so much because our kids are our number one priority--we can let ourselves "slip" in other areas, but if we think we've dropped the ball somehow with our kids, well, that's just too much. So I get why this really upset you. It will all work out. I'm glad you're getting the DVDs; I hope you enjoy them.

  13. That is so awesome about the Bible study generosity!! Yay!

  14. You can definitely count me in "the few others" group. Usually when I get all caught up and worried about things, it's because my focus is squarely on I know where you're coming from. Let us know how that series is...I would love to do a Beth Moore Study sometime.

  15. love how your "me" ness is so so so keepin it real! (did that make sense?)
    WE ALL do this! thanks for the gentle reminder of what we ALL do!
    (whew,I don't even know if what I am saying makes sense.. this comment is a total reflection of a taxed brain that has been in the youth dept of the library allllll day.... with lots... and lots of kids....lots.)

  16. Hi Sarah - we all tend to get irritated about other people's perception of us. I would never ever think you to be a bad Mama though! It sounds like someone just either did not record the payment or misplaced it.

    Beth Moore - I went through her Jesus The One and Only DVD Bible Study and have the DVDs if you want them . . . just let me know and I will get them out to you when you want them.

  17. call me when they start making them drink water instead of milk :) last year the kdg teacher gave jack a pair of gloves because apparently i could not afford any (OR HE FORGOT THEM EVERY MORNING--or could not remember where they were from the day before--they got left on the bus a time or two..) then he has the nerve to tell me he likes the gloves the teacher gave him from the "box"--apparently a mini-goodwill--than the ones i bought him that matched his coat...

    um yeah. my children are forever making people think that i am either clueless, lazy, stupid, mean, or completely broke.
    "I am calling for a flood-Holy Spirit flow completely immerse us in You..." John Waller YAY! Love that song!!!

  18. I am definitely one of the "few others" who might need to start living beyond themselves. Keep us posted throughout the bible study, I'm anxious to hear how it goes for you.

  19. Wasn't that sweet of her! Beth Moore studies are great! I think living beyond ourselves is a constant battle.....worth fighting though.:)

  20. I am so glad that I am not the only mom who feels this way with lunch money.

  21. I recently had a similar situation with the lunch money. Instead of the money going to both of my childrens accounts it only went to one. I was at the Catalyst conference and the school was calling leaving messages that my son's account was in the hole.

  22. I so understand the school lunch thing! :::sigh:::
    I need to make a call tomorrow check cleared the bank! hmmm I'm sure they think...all those kids, that is why she can't remember to pay for them to eat.


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