Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do Over

So...I did a post today already, and after I got some comments and re-read what I wrote I realized that how I said what I was saying was not really sounding like what I meant...it sounded self-righteous and icky and I don't know how to put it into the right words...so I deleted it.

What a lovely sentence ;)

SO, in other news...I am off to Wal-Mart. Exciting stuff. And maybe Starbucks...because I'll be right by it...sort of.

I am SUPER excited about pumpkin pie.

This is officially my worst blog day. Ever.

Please tell me yours is better.


  1. Eat some pie, read a book, and know that this worst blogging day ever will be over soon! :)

    Sending you love today -

  2. I read your other post (it still showed up on my Google Reader) and I wanted to tell you that I got it. I have one of those kids too (the kind that have to patiently wait for others) and I have a husband that teaches and I went to college to be a teacher and have since decided that was not what God has called me to do (at least I hope not). All that to say that you didn't sound self-righteous to me. I understand your frustration and I wish there was a way to solve it. I am thinking that smaller classes would help because then the kids that don't get the help at home would get the extra help at school (not that its the teachers job, but they aren't gettin' it at home). But, teaching is funded by the state and our state in particular has been cutting its funding which means more kids, less teachers. Yeah!

  3. That is what is great about blogging...you get to have do-overs. Now if I could figure out how to 'un-say' something when it has been spoken...

  4. So.Laughing.At.You.Right.Now.

    I read your post from this morning. I wanted to comment - and say that my son would be the one keeping your son from learning - and have a laugh with the whole thing...but I couldn't come up with a clever enough way to say it so that you didn't think I was "hurt" by your post. Or more importantly, that I didn't hurt you by my comment.

    Anywhooooo...just giggling at the fact that you took off your post...that was truly from your heart!!!

    Love ya chic!!!

  5. I feel your pain. Been there, done that. Pretty safe in saying, I will do it again!

    Hope your day gets better!

  6. well, ya know how nosy i am and all, so i went to see if that post was still on my google reader, and it was, and i SO got it, and did not think that you sounded self-righteous at.all. =P
    Being that we homeschool, I have no where to send my "problem" child (heehee) I may have to tell David he's gonna have to start taking sarah I mean, her to work with him.

    awww and this is not your worst blog day ever!!! the other day was!! (TOTALLY KIDDING)you know i'm kidding right! couldn't resist ~ i don't think you have ever had a bad bloggy day.

    hugs ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  7. Hugs to you. And I didn't think it sounded self-righteous. Although I've certainly had my share of those days.

    I totally got what you meant. I really feel for teachers these days, because many parents attack the teacher or the system if there is a problem. Because of course "sweet little Johnny" didn't do anything!

    And "do overs" is what grace is all about!!!

  8. You're so cute! I totally got what you were saying and completely agreed with you! You didn't sound self-righteous at all. You were voicing your concerns and opinions, which is what a blog is for!

    And, you are so not a dork (saw your FB update!).

  9. I didn't read your first post, but you do need to e-mail it to me now.

    You have such a sweet heart and are not at all a dork!

  10. My brain is mush because my youngest won't sleep and my oldest is a challenging 2 year old. I copped out and posted a recipe today. Not a good blog day for me either. MMMM...starbucks. I might have to go get some too!

  11. My day is great because I got to meet Mama Belle!

    I did not think you sounded self-righteous at all! Trust me, you hit the nail on the head about the problem(s). I have several friends who are teachers who would applaud you for such a post.

    I don't know what was said to make you feel like you were being self-righteous, but don't ever feel like you can't brag on your boys. They did a great job (and you & Ben have done a great job with them) and it's totally OK to be proud of them!

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! :)

  12. I too read your second post before the first post thanks to my good ol' google reader. And I didn't think you came across as self righteous. I truly hope you haven't let a bloggy misunderstanding ruin your whole day. Hopefully that starbucks helped with that. :-) It is hard when we blog to make sure that readers understand the intention behind the words. I know what is like to type something and then reread it later and think "oh i didn't mean that" i've done that with e-mail before and you can't get those e-mails back.... hate that feeling.

    Anyway, hope your day got better!

  13. Your first post was fine and I think we all got it the right way. Hope your Starbucks was good and the WalMart trip. There's always tomorrow:)

  14. I've had some doozy worst blogs, don't worry. =P

  15. I missed your first post. I have been running around today getting ready for Owen's birthday YAY!

    Most days are worst blog days for me. I just seriously lack creativity, and I never do anything exciting, and I'm unmotivated heehee!

    But I do love Starbucks. I hope you got your favorite beverage today :)

  16. Hey, I doubt this post (or the deleted one) was as bad as mine today. I talk about watching a woman eat her boogers...doesn't get much worse than that!

  17. Well, I didnt read the other post but do hate that you had a bad blogging day. maybe it helps to know I posted something just for you without knowing you were bummed out...so check it out. :)

  18. Well, I didn't read the other post, but I'm sure it's not as bad as you think. On the bright side, the fact that you cared enough to delete it instead of leaving it up when you felt it might be hurtful says a lot about your character. Check out my fabulous post on my blog - you've been tagged for an award.

  19. I read your post earlier today as well... And as a teacher myself, I have to say you hit it right on! I am even a special education teacher working with students labeled "emotionally disturbed", so believe me, I know all about bad behavior! I've had everything from kids who soil themselves on purpose (really, what does that accomplish except that now you AND your attitude stink?!), to self-mutilators, to kids who throw desks. Yeah, work can be interesting!

    The thing is... while some truly do have genuine psychological disorders, it seems to be the exception to the rule! So many of them (too many!) just have not been disciplined effectively by their parents. Yeah, try being the one who has to explain that diplomatically to the parent. (Not really possible, btw.)

    It is a serious education problem because it does take so much time away from instruction, which I belive is why our schools continue to fall further and further behind. I think more parents of the "good" kids (you know what I mean) need to be outraged! I know I may be biased, but I firmly believe that the true problems with education in our country stem from the breakdown of family and lack of morality and discipline. But then again, you take GOD out of school, and what do we expect?

    I don't know what the answer is. I have some ideas, none of which are legal. Like putting restrictions on the kinds of people who are even allowed to procreate. Don't worry. You'd make the cut! ;)

  20. From the comments that have been left I can only assume your first post was great! I know what you mean though. I've felt the same way at times. The written word in black and white doesn't always convey all the meaning it would if spoken face to face.

  21. I echo Beth and I was a teacher before kids.
    Enjoy that pumpkin pie...I love it too!

  22. Oh, Sarah, I am sorry you are having a bad bloggy day...but I read your other post in my Google Reader and seriously did not take it as being self-righteous. I don't know what kind of comments were left, but don't let it get you down...we love you!

  23. Yay for do-overs!
    Sometimes...I want my whole day to be a do-over.
    That doesn't work out so well.
    Except...His mercies. They are new every morning.
    Yay for do-overs!

  24. I love do-overs! and Mulligans--and God's grace---um, pretty much anything that lets me screw up as much as i do and continue on :) i have "one of those kids" in both of my kids classes and Lauren is way more affected by it than Jack is. happy wednesday!!!

  25. My kid is probably "the kid" in Jack's class, Nicole. :)

    So, I totally just did this very thing last week. Posted, then deleted. What I had written just didn't sit well with me. You aren't alone.

    Starbucks will make everything better.

  26. Enjoy your Starbucks!!

  27. Thanks everybody :) You all should know that the comments from the first post were all kind, they just made me re-read what I wrote and that's when I decided it really wasn't meant to be posted :)

    ...As Heth said...it didn't sit well with me ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  28. I have started reading you through Lindsay... you are refreshing! Bless your weekend!

  29. I've done a few do overs this year as well.

    I read your post yesterday and I was shocked at how it came across. I am glad you were able to re-read it and think it through. It really didn't seem like you the way I read it. I was shocked and I am glad that you didn't mean it to come across the way it did.

    My Noah struggled a bit last year and I worked very hard with the teacher to get him back on track to make sure his learning and the other kids' weren't affected by his struggles to learn how to do school. You are very blessed that your Noah is doing so well. My Noah is doing so much better this year and I am grateful to his wonderful teacher for having an open mind when his history preceded him. Good teachers really are a blessing to everyone.

  30. You are so funny. I do that sometimes too.


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