Friday, January 23, 2009


I really did try to come up with a new thought for this post, but my mind is sill consumed with all the stuff I've already blogged about this week...and then some.

Here's some beyond randomness that's going on in my head...

  • This was my first week of half-marathon training. The halfsie (which is my new pet name for it) will be in June. I've got me some time. BUT, this body needs it, trust me. I printed the customized schedule from Runners World and highly recommend the website.
  • Tomorrow night I have a date with my husband...which is looong over due.
  • Still waiting to hear back from the principal of our high school about the exchange students placement. Last night we had our final interview and all of the paper work is we wait. I would be a terrible candidate for adopting, I can hardly wait to find out if we get to host this girlie...and she's not even mine. All you bloggy friends who are in the adopting process have some special prayers coming from my are amazing.
  • Living Beyond Myself. It's no easy task.
  • Eli broke his glasses. We made it half the school year...far longer than I thought we would. If the eye Dr. can't fix them we're gonna make duct taped glasses cool again...I think we can pull it off.
  • I can't stop listening to the following song today. It's sort of an oldie, which is why I heart it so much.

  • I'm a little obsessed with the Pottery Barn Teen catalog right now.
  • I've been a little scattered this week. Started lots of different things and finished nothing. Annoying.
  • Happy Friday!! YAY!!


  1. ok- im the first comment-er and it's my favorite, kinda like syrup, my favorite. im forcing my 15 year old niece to like toby.. and it's my all time favorite song of his. he's in IL tonight... des moines tomorrow... where you going for the date??

  2. My boy has had glasses since he was three...I can't even count the number of times they have been broken or lost. Not just lost around the house lost, but lost - lost, like on the side of a snow board moutain lost. We always tried to use super glue before resorting to duct tape.

    Enjoy your date night and have a super weekend!

  3. I actually enjoy it when bloggers occasionally just list random thoughts like this. You really get a rounder, fuller pic of people when you get a "sampling." SO admiring of your Halfsie Project. And this song is a classic.

  4. I absolutely love that song! The words are just what I need to hear on a daily basis!

  5. I heard that song on the radio on my way home yesterday. I really like it too!

  6. i got so caught up in the pottery barn teen website that I forgot to come back and comment... still... i fight the urge to go back... it is soooo happy! the colors are happy the patterns are happy... it is addicting to people like me.

  7. One of my favorite Toby Mac songs!

  8. you changed your profile picture again... another cute picture!!!

    are you training for the run by yourself? good luck! i still haven't mad it to the gym this year. sad, i know. really sad!

    hope date night was great!

  9. Have a great weekend! Enjoy your hot date.


  10. Oh, girl, you've given me the "halfsie" itch! You may just have me convinced.

    Thanks for the prayers. ;-)

  11. hey sarah- i found you through candy washburn's blog. i'm a small town pastor's wife - i have enjoyed reading your post. i added your link to my blog-i hope that's ok.


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