Friday, January 2, 2009

It Makes Sense

So, I've been throwing around the title of a certain little book that has now become my newest friend.

The House That Cleans Itself. It does not, in fact, mean that it will clean itself (disappointing, I know.) But it is a sort of system for setting up/organizing rooms in your home in a way that helps them to stay more clean more easily.

The author, Mindy, who I like to refer to as Mindy, since the book and I are friends and all says it like this...

By adapting the environment to compensate for and/or eliminate the behavior, you house will stay clean longer and with less effort than you ever imagined.

Makes sense to me. I have no idea yet if this will work because I'm still in the stage of making and even HUGER mess while I try to sort/organize/clean/purge etc. It's a big fat mess around here right now.

Now, I'll be honest with you...I'm not a very messy person. I like stuff picked up and fairly organized, because when it's not, it makes me feel CRAZY inside. It just does. But the way I had mine set up, it was completely wearing me out trying to keep it looking somewhat neat. A clean house is relative for everyone. Mine was feeling VERY cluttered and out of control, thus the need for the book ;)

Two things in it have really helped me in this process.
  1. The whole organizing each room so that everything has a place that is EASY to put stuff away.
  2. Everything in my home, no matter how tiny or big takes my time. This was HUGE for me. If I have to keep touching something to move it, haul it, pick it up, clean it, etc then that is MY time. Only stuff that is worth it should stay. This seriously was a revelation for me. Why do I keep moving stuff season after season and even day after day that I don't really even like?!?

New perspective. I love that.

I'm also eagerly anticipating getting organized so that this system can start working. Right now, it's just a big disaster that's making me crazy.

More on Monday... :)

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. I am so excited for your "self cleaning" house!

  2. if only someone would right a book about a toilet that cleans itself!

  3. I think I will be needing that book. :) And let me just say


    by the way. ;)

  4. Uhh...ya. I'm not Harry. I'm Amie.....what - on - earth....

    I guess I married a funny man.

  5. can you come and do my house next lol....

  6. So, I totally need this book.

  7. Interesting, I'm still trying to obsorb that last one...ALl I can think about is the time it's going to take me to take down the tree! and every season/holiday I decorate with stuff...I like to it's pretty...but when you say it's my TIME I'm losing...jimimny crickets I don't like that one bit.
    I got an organization book in Nov. Haven't cracked it yet...I'm re-reading Twilight weries again, they are SO enjoyable...I need some fantasy during this time of year it's to crazy busy...

  8. When I was single my house was always clean, neat and tidy. Now that I have 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 husbands...JUST KIDDING - only 1 husband, it gets messy quickly. I think the real secret is to teach your kids to pick up after themselves. Then you only have to pick up after yourself and your husband. (And no you can't teach him to pick up after himself. It just doesn't work). LOL!!!

  9. As a fellow mommy who also feels CRAZY when it gets messy in my house, I am SO glad you shared this book! I'm hopping over to Amazon right now - I am in desperate need of this one!! :P

    Happy organizing/cleaning/reclaiming your sanity!

  10. I NEED THIS!! Sorry I did not mean to yell!! I just need organization and time to actually do it! I am so stressed about taking down my trees today, that I just laid down and took a nap. Ughh! Taking down the tress make more of a mess and that means more to clean up and that is just not fun!!

  11. ugh..... and I am coming home with lots of stuff that will not have a "home" in my home!!! I am gonna have to buy a buffet just to hold all the dishes I got from grandma's house!
    um.... and you need to read my status on facebook....

  12. Mindy is going to OWE you!! I NEED this book!! I feel crazy inside when my house is not organized. Since my hubby is gone to Vietnam to bring home our daughter, I am trying to get the entire house done!!!
    ugh...won't be much time for sleep!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  13. amazon has a HUGE excerpt from the book! it looks really great. let us know how it goes.

    by the way - i'm impressed at your bravery with the second cup vlog. i was totally going to do it this time, but ran out of time. plus - i'm a total wimp.

  14. I feel the same way about a cluttered house. Our house isn't very cluttered except that right now I have these three lumps that sit in front of the tv everyday and clutter up the house. Ah, but school and work starts back on Monday so I'm guessing that the cluttered look will be back to a minimum - just sayin'!

  15. interesting that stuff is time. makes me think of all areas of our life. what if we really freed up our hearts and time?
    hum, have a good weekend!!

  16. I started to buy this book the other day and backed out. Now I am gonna go get it today!! I too like stuff picked up but you have me thinking that maybe HOW i have things arranged may be making it more time consuming and tiring. Thanks for passing it on.

  17. I think I need to get this book now. You should see my house. My goal for 2009 is to SIMPLIFY and that is what I am in the process of doing. Thanks for the post.

  18. Book...I don't want to read a book. I want Santa's elves to come and clean up the mess that was left in my house after Christmas. :-0 Keep us posted on your progress...I'm right behind you on cleaning up the clutter.

  19. I can't wait to get this book! Hopefully I can win the one ending on Ebay today. Thank you for the awesome book tip! I tried the salted caramel hot chocolate was good!!!


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