Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just Thinking...

I spent most of yesterday being completely entertained by your comments.

Hair is just so much fun...I can't explain it.

I have a couple shots of the side and back...because I had requests...and I aim to please. The side shot:

I hadn't taken a back-shot the other night, so I did it today...which means I took the back this morning, so it's not as straight as when my stylist does it...because she's a professional, and I'm lazy.

OK, on to other stuff.

  • I have Ladies Bible Study tonight and I can't even begin to explain all that God is doing within me right now. Most of it I'm just pondering in my heart for the time being. I gotta let it settle and sink in, good and deep, and then I'll fill you in :)
  • Big day for America today. My guy did not win in November. Hate when that happens. I did refrain from putting on sack cloth and mourning today though ;) And I will watch the speech...kinda like one who sits and watches a train wreck because they just can't peel their eyes away. I disagree with President Obama on some major things, but as the president, I will treat him with honor and respect because of the office he holds. I will refrain from getting a bumper sticker that says "Don't blame me, I didn't vote for him" because those thoroughly annoyed me during Bush's terms as president ;) It's easy to give honor and respect to someone who agrees with me, it's much more difficult to give when that person so fundamentally disagrees with me, but it does not change the fact that both people deserve the same respect. I can disagree without badmouthing...which is a fundamental truth I want my children to see and learn.
  • If anyone is interested in the why of my disagreement with President Obama, Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee has an excellent post that sums it up perfectly...because, well, she's a writer...
  • I want to commit to praying for the new First Family, because I can't imagine the stress that comes from his position. And now that I've started watching 24, I'm convinced there are bad guys that are smarter than the government lurking around every corner :) For real. I have no idea how they keep the president and his family safe from crazy people, but I pray that each on is guarded and protected today by someone much more powerful than secret service.
  • And is it just me, or does anyone feel like they're gonna have a heart attack after every episode of 24?!? My heart races the entire time...I think it may be a better workout than running on my treadmill. I need to get caught up on all the seasons...but I don't think I'll be doing marathon watching of this particular show. Better stick to one episode at a time.

Happy Inauguration Day everyone!


  1. i didn't comment yesterday because i was traveling back home so today i am... LOVE the new haircut! you could totally be a ROCK STAR! its a awesome cut & look on you!

    your blue scarf that you have on in the second picture... like that. where did you get it at?

  2. The back and sides of your new hair cut are equally as cute as the front!

    I so agree with you on all the president stuff. I'll be praying for our new president and giving my respect as well...even though I didn't vote for him.

  3. YAY! Thanks for the extra photos. It's adorable all the way around. Can't wait to hear about what God is doing in your life. Sometimes the things he is working on aren't things you want to talk about on the internet. At least for me. Love you!

  4. Still lovin' the hair - from all directions and I agree about the BO stuff. I am praying for him/his family and our country, but with a heavy heart!

  5. Love the hair. And ditto your comments on everything else. Except - gasp! - I don't watch 24.

  6. I love the rock star hair. Such a cute cut. I agree with all your comments and we do have to show respect and just pray for them and this country.

  7. I was a little nervous that some psycho would try something stupid today during the inauguration, but, thank God, that did not happen. I totally understand what you mean about disagreeing without badmouthing. =)

  8. oh see, now you have me thinkin' of cutting my hair!!!

    As for 24....you have to go back and watch the other seasons....there is so much history you don't know!!! And yes, my heart races with each show....i can't watch it right before bed, for sure!!!

  9. Love the back of your hair...that's what I keep trying to get done to mine...not happening for some reason. I loved your last three bullet points and agree with a ll you wrote.

  10. Hey Sarah! Your hair is so cute. :) Love it. I had to comment on watching 24. I love the show, but one weekend I rented a previous season so I could catch up. Umm...14 hours later I was a nervous wreck from watching 14 continuous hours of 24 without a break! Ha! It's addictive, isn't it? Watching it on TV is so much better because you don't have the option to continue with the next episode until next week. ;)

  11. Sarah, I like your comments today. I know you and I have always disagreed on our political views, however I do totally agree with your comments about giving the person in office your respect. I'm glad to know you won't have a "don't blame me" bumper sticker...and know that I haven't had one on my car for the last eight years! ; ) I miss our great debates!

  12. Can you possibly have ANYthing that isn't cute on you?!?!?
    Hair. SUPER cute. Scarf. Oh, yeh, cute. I hate you ;)
    Okay, no I don't. You are just way to CUTE!
    I do like 24. I do think there really are people out there being evil. I just can't watch the violence that happens every show. Because for me THAT is real too. THAT really happens too. And not that I turn a blind eye to it, I just don't want to have to "see" it.
    It's like how I feel about Jesus. I know the cross, and nails. I know he was beaten badly. By CHOICE. To save US. I just can't "watch" it happen. (The Passion Of the Christ) And I've already been talking to him about when we meet, I'd rather NOT see his hands. I don't so well with scars...no maybe my NEW body and brain can look on it differently, but right NOW, this body I'm in can't handle it.
    I am totally into today's events...No my guy didn't win either, and NO I will not act a fool like Oprah...but it is history, and I believe that I am watching the hand of God work. (can't imagine the plan...but I see Him working.)

  13. A mini TV in front of the treadmill sounds like the solution. Lovin' your hair, girl!

  14. i cant comment on that becuse i cant vote, but i can on your hair love it ;-)

  15. So true! It is a bittersweet day in history. Praise God He has left us armed with His most powerful assets, His Love and His Spoken Word. If we continue to PRAY out His will, we WILL see the Change we are desperately needing. Check out my Pun'kin Head's "Lego Inauguration" Too funny. ~Jenny p.s. as always, love your new doo :)

  16. Thanks for the link. And I have to tell you that I, too, respect the office and the man as a person/leader. I just disagree 100% on the abortion issue, and so I'm sad that he's so pro-choice.

  17. Wow Sarah, I wish I could tell you have intense 24 is for our family! Even our dog watches the tv... I totally know how you feel, and I really hope they don't kill the girl named Samantha in the next episode!!

  18. Girl, you have some seriously good hair. I always LOVE your haircut updates so, all those people who complain....what do they know? I have this fine, thin hair that really doesn't DO too much so, unfortunately, I'm one of those people who sort of have to stay within some certain parameters with the stylin'. I'd love to have the kind of hair that you could change up like yours. I say "Go for it" and "Keep sharing". Cute Cute!

  19. Love the hair!
    I want to go short...the prob is I always like it at first and then I want it to grow....AND FAST!!!

    I just can't get super trendy with long hair....Lifes dilemmas....;) what to do, what to to....

  20. Love the still. I am wondering if my stick straight hair would hold the body of your if I wasn't too lazy to blow dry. You blow to dry straight...I blow to dry body. :-)

    Got-to-love-24!!! Goodness...it'll getcha. Fastest hour of tv ever. I 'do' dvr on almost all my shows...but in 24 you almost need the commercials to catch your breath and process what you learned in the segment.

    I don't have the 'vote' bumpersticker either. I offer my respect to Obama too...and I pray that his liberal views are not so liberal now that the votes are counted. My 11 year old and I discussed which was worse...honesty in the speeches...versus voting SO pro-abortion. We agreed we hope he goes back on his word.

    As a teacher watching 'history' today with my kids I was sweating bullets in fear that 'something' might happen (ie-24) I was relieved it all went smooth. It was an important day in history and fit so nicely after we had a day off of school from MLK.

    Gee...didn't think I had so many thoughts...this could be a post on it's own. I'll keep it short next time. :-)

  21. I love your attitude towards hair. My outlook of hair completely changed when it grew back after losing it thru chemo.

    Linda is an excellent writer, I love reading her blog. She usually has me laughing which is a great way to start the day.

    I have watched 24 from the beginning. It's very intense. If you have the opportunity, rent some previous seasons. There is some background and relationships with characters you're missing out on.

    Blessings, Susan

  22. YEP the back and sides are as cute as the front! Great thoughts on the First Family too! 24 is THE best! Have a great day.

  23. I just found your blog....love it!!! Couldn't agree more about the new prez and family -- we believer's have an opportunity to show the world what it's all about by our reactions and behaviors toward the new president and cabinet. Now, about 24 -- holey moley -- I had to stop watching!! I'd get so worked up and yes, would think I was gonna implode. :)

  24. Good post. Fashion. Government. Life ... and in the midst of it all - you're shining for Jesus! :)

  25. Oh, I totally love your hair! Did you have a picture you took to your stylist? I was just thinking I'd let mine grow a little...then I saw yours...oh, the dilemma!!! :-)

    And 24? I'm totally with you on the heart attack deal!

    Yes, I did use "totally" twice in one comment!

  26. I really, really like your new cut!
    Your hair is always so cute. I have got to find a good stylist.

  27. Oh my goodness...your hair is AWESOME! Back during Thanksgiving, I went to get my hair cut - just a little trim - and the girl ended up giving me something very similar to this, except the bangs were a little different. I cried at first because it was such a drastic change for me, then I fell in love with it, and now that it's growing out I'm kinda sad. Super cute on you - you can seriously pull off anything!

    I am committed to praying for our new President too...I may differ from him on just about everything, but I know the Bible commands us to pray for and respect our leaders...so that's what I'm gonna do.


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