Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Scarily Do-able...

I have some deep stuff to share with ya'll, but it just doesn't seem to be making its way from my mind to my fingers. Must not be time yet :) I am:
  • excited about the lovely shade of yellow that I will be painting my kitchen...tomorrow! YAY!
  • glad that for the most part, my house is much, MUCH easier to pick up than it was pre-organizational tangent. Good news.
  • Pondering our newest Ladies Bible Study called Living Beyond Ourselves by Beth Moore. We started last night, and I am so looking forward to living beyond myself.
  • which leads me to something so FAR beyond myself I swore I'd never in my right mind consider it...half marathon. HALF, not the whole shebang. 13.1 miles...still sounds terrible doesn't it?!? I printed off a customized training schedule according to how much we currently run and guess what? It looks do-able. Scarily do-able. All of me needs to be living beyond my own abilities and limitations, and instead relying on the power I have, in me, through the Holy Spirit.
  • Missing my comfort zone a little...
  • eating Wheat Thins...why do those little crackers have to be so tasty?!?

Seriously, I gotta wrap this boringness today is...welll...boring me :)


  1. Must be a boringness day everywhere. I blame it on the weather here. Gray & dull. Oh well, there's always decluttering to do! LOL!

  2. r u going to be running by yourself? i would like to run one. i ran a 5k last year. i need to pick it back up again. sounds wierd, but running is somehow enjoyable to me!
    maybe we could somehow do an online accountable thing together & see if anyone else want to join in??? just a though

  3. In regards to Wheat Thins...a most delightful that I can still manage eating 'carefully' with my braces. Did you know of the Wheat Thins evil Partner in Crime? Laughing Cow cheese? Oh-so-good. My favorite is Light Garlic & Herb. One really NEEDS the other. Becareful of this dynamic duo. One nice thing is that the cheese is in a neat little single-serve, foil wrap. I can usually stop after a handful of WT and one cheese. (Emphasis on usually.)

  4. Misty: I have a running partner, I'd NEVER get up and do it if it weren't for her waiting outside my door :)

  5. DO the mini!!! You will LOVE the feeling of accomplishment when you are done! I am soooo not a runner, but I am MAKING myself into one...I have never felt better about myself then when I finished. I have done it twice now. The first time, not that great, wasn't able to run the whole thing...second time, ran the whole thing and shaved 48 minutes off my time! Just be prepared for the PAIN the next day! Totally worth it though! :)

  6. Um, you're done organizing already? You are my hero!

  7. wow! 1/2 marathon! that is awesome! My hips can't take running anymore so I power walk at the gym.

    and wheat fav!!!

    Okay, I couldn't resist. I can't even imagine running a mile. UNO. I can't make it a block before these buns of...well NOT steel, start acheing and quaking.
    SO YOU GO GIRL! I'm so excited for you. And to see the yellow kitchen?
    Have you ever looked up what colors make you feel what? I really want to know the color that makes you sleepy for all of our bedrooms and the one where you want to put down the sweets, for MY kitchen!

  9. A marathon is probably the definition of living beyond myself. :) One day, I might just be able to do it. I can hope.

    You are the fastest organizer in the world.

  10. Woohoo! Half marathon! You can totally do it :) That's awesome, Sarah.

  11. Sarah- Found your blog and love it. I am also a Pastor's wife so I can relate to your writing.
    You Go Girl on your marathon. I can't even imagine !!!!!

  12. Ok, so for the last 3 months I have contemplated doing a half. I would love to, but the chicken in me is scared.
    An online friend has offered to "coach" me....oh my. Then I'd really have to be commited.
    Wheat Thins are w/o a doubt addictive little suckers. I've polished off an entire box w/o realizing it before. Yikes.

  13. A 1/2 marathon...go for it! That sounds like fun. Perhaps I'll needt to put that on my long term goal list! Good luck with your training!

  14. Wow, a 1/2 marathon...that's BIG stuff! Happy training. It's no wonder you're so thin. Maybe I should train for a marathon....nah.

  15. Sounds like all good things Sarah! Physical and Spiritual training and a little yellow paint! :)

  16. Oooh, good luck with the marathon, that's awesome!

  17. You know, Lindy has run lots of half marathons, and a full. She is always looking for someone to run one with and knows a lot about training. Good luck!

  18. great random blog is totally boring today for real, your blog is never boring!

  19. "Living Beyond Yourself" is one of my favorite Beth Moore studies. I've done it twice -- or maybe three times. I can't remember now.

    Also, I have to say: Run, Sarah! Run!

    :-) Enjoy your weekend.


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