Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yesterday I spent 2 hours in the waiting room at the dental office while each of my boys had their check-up. I didn't have an appointment myself (because I haven't rescheduled from canceling in June :) It gave me plenty of time to think...

I would rather
  • give birth
  • barf
  • go to the gynecologist

than to the dentist. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Our dentist is a wonderfully kind and gentle man, and his hygienists couldn't be sweeter...but it still not enough for me to think kindly of them. It's nothing personal. I know they're just doing their fact, they actually have our best interests at heart. Just trying to help me and my children from becoming victims of rotten teeth and gum disease.

I am not fond of the smell, the drill, the drool...all of it. But WORSE than all of that is the way I feel when I leave.

Do I floss? nope, unless 1 week before my appointment counts ;)

Do I make sure my kids have brushed ever tooth thoroughly morning and night? No

Do I drink too much coffee? *insert eye roll*

Did I bribe my kids with more sugar if they were good at the dentist? yep

Since I was a little girl, every time I leave the dentist I feel like a big, fat, FAILURE. Simply from not doing what I already know I should be doing. The dentist doesn't harass me or scold me...but I leave feeling like an idiot none the less.

It would make sense, logically, that to avoid this feeling of failure I would floss everyday, stay away from the "sugar bugs" and actually keep my 6 month cleaning appointment instead of canceling it. Easy peasy.

But I never do that. Instead, I do all the things I'm not supposed to, resent the dentist and avoid it at all costs until it's absolutely necessary I go. All the while blaming the dentist for their evil tools of torture and nauseating smell. After all, who is he to tell me what to do?!? I don't smoke or do other things that would be bad for my teeth so SURELY he could give me a little break, right?!?

I think the way I feel about going to the dentist is the way many feel about going to church.

And that's what I'm pondering for today...


  1. My dentist doesn't offer the Grace the God gives us. Therefore, I prefer church. I too am a dentist failure.

  2. I. Know. EXACTLY. How. You. Feel.
    I found a new dentist. My dear friend recommended her to me. Yes HER. As in Female. I've been to see her twice now in a month, and once this darn blood pressure thing gets in control I will go back, valium induced. Hubby met her today and made TWO more appointments. Next week and the week ever. Are we CRAZY?
    No, we haven't sen a dentist in about two years, we HATE them, and their funky smells and torture tools. What is making us go back?
    Last time for my cleaning, besides the valium I got, they did this thingy to my gums that numbed them, it tasted bad BUT I couldn't feel AS much of the scraping and tugging and poking of my teeth and gums.
    So I couldn't floss for days after because frankly my mouth HURT. Two years of gunk will do that to a person. So I began flossing two nights ago. I KNOW, I can't believe it myself. But guess WHAT?
    I WANT to do it. My gums don't bleed, it actually feels nice to get in there and clean out the day's left-overs. Hubby and I are going to get this, BUY a soniccare tooth brush from our Dentist, At a discount! YEH!
    Trust me, if you would have told me amonth ago I'd be joyfully talking of A DENTIST, I'd have spit in your eye and called you loony tunes!
    Like what you are pondering today...
    Oh, and don't feel bad about feeling like a failure, the hygentist tried to show me this tooth pick- cleaner thingy and before sheld even finish her sentence I cut her off with
    "Listen, Donna, your lucking if I'm going to ever FLOSS my teeth when I leave here today. I'm pretty sure the next time they'll SEE floss is when I come back in here in six months, so I KNOW that I won't even look at that thingy. I just need a brush. With soft bristles. Purple if you got it okay?"
    No, I really did. She gave me a purple brush AND some floss!
    Like I said I've been flossing...hmmm, maybe next time I'll try to get through her thingy shpeal.

  3. I was thinking your last sentence before I read I will have to ponder.

  4. Great analogy. I think I will share this with the hubs. Girl, I feel your pain. I am minutes away from leaving for a much dreaded dentist vist. A new dentist, recommended by a friend, but nonetheless, still a dentist. I haven't had a cleaning in over 2 years, and I am going today b/c I have a problem with a tooth.
    Say a prayer.
    I did send you my address when I won, didn't I? I don't remember....
    Have a great day!

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  6. I love the analogy. It fits. I know so many people that feel like they would rather take a beating than go to church.

    Okay if I feature you?

  7. True. Many people probably DO feel that way about church. Walking away feeling scolded even if they weren't? Now I'm pondering. Is it always because they SHOULD feel like they aren't getting it "right." Or because there's too much of an emphasis on what we're doing wrong most of the time, leaving people no choice but to feel a bit incapable of measuring up? hmmmm, both? Sometimes it's the former and sometimes it's the latter? Now I'm going to be think think thinking on that this afternoon :)

    You need to do a follow up post, young lady!

  8. I HATE the dentist too! The smell is the worst! Even when I don't have a cleaning it makes my stomach churn!

    I am glad I don't feel that way about our church! but it is a good thing to bear in mind!

  9. I've been avoiding the dentist for ...I won't tell you how many years. It's terrible, but I just can't bring myself to go yet.

    You've given us much food for thought today.


  10. You are so, so, so NOT alone ... and it looks like there are MANY!

    That last sentence though ... WOW ... um ... stopped me in. my. tracks.

    And now you have me pondering too.

  11. I am exactly like you when it comes to the dentist!
    That is a very interesting question.

  12. The comment I hear the most is...nothing but a bunch of hypocrits in church...

    I've been thinking about this all day.

    I like what Heather in the EO had to say...makes sense.

  13. Well thanks tons for making me feel guilty for the appointments I am putting off! :) I HATE the dentist too & forthe same reasons plus it is way uncomfortable no matter what they tell you!

  14. Interesting post. . . Good thought to ponder.

  15. OOps, forgot your main point! Ha! I think that if church makes people feel the same way the dentist does.....somethings wrong with church. (Not with the people)
    I do not should on people & I don't let anyone should on me anymore. :)

  16. BIG problem. Bad wisdom tooth extraction that ruined me. I called that dentist the Mouth Rapist. It was ugly.

    :-( I am so sad by the last line. I am sad because I think you are probably right. I know there are days when staying in my pj's sounds better than going to church...or watching tv sounds easier than going to bible study...but I don't think I've ever had the 'dread' that I associate with going to the dentist. I am SURE that 'dread' about how they are not enough certainly is a reason some don't attend and that makes me sad.

    I wonder though...when I leave the dentist I don't feel any better...but I ALWAYS feel better when I leave church. I am thinking that MOST people would feel better if they were leaving a church that 'fit'.

  17. I don't mind going to the dentist even though as a child I cried and the dentist sent me home without treating me and I had to go to another dentist to have three teeth to have two teeth come down that were growing out of my gum. Because I did not floss, I now go to the dentist 3 times a year to have my teeth cleaned. If you can relax, the equipment they used is almost painless and no more spitting. The hyginest that works on me uses suction. I go away feeling that my teeth feel so much better and so clean! It is great! At 71 years old, I still have my teeth that God gave me. I like to go to church too. Arlona
    P.S. The Bible says to know to do good and not to do it, it is sin.

  18. Great post once again. Last week, I canceled my dentist appt for today's cleaning...I, of course, probably won't actually reschedule until I bring one of the kids in for a cleaning and remember to do it.

    I'm not a flosser, until a week (or couple days) before person too.

    On a side note. I posted on your Jake Yiddle Man post the other day. Guess what my 3 yr 7 mth old pulled out for breakfast today....uncooked oatmeal! He's never like cooked oatmeal and I never thought about just letting him have it the other way. he's in there eating it as I type. thanks Jake for the idea!

  19. I hate the dentist too, but I've been on a regular 6 month schedule for the last 3 years or so. I make the app't for the next time before I leave the office or I'd never call.
    As much as I hate the dentist, I hate the Gyno even more! Haven't been there in about 5 years probably. I know, I know. Gotta do it soon!!!

    "I think the way I feel about going to the dentist is the way many feel about going to church." Interesting statement. I'll have to think about that some more.

  20. WHOA--You got me with that last line! I think that is how many feel exactly! Thank you for sharing that, Sarah!

  21. Now honestly I'm all about going to the dentist and taking care of what the GOOD Lord has given me; both of my parents had dentures way too early. But why I'm really commenting is the thought your pondering was something worth do we make others feel that walk through the church doors. If they haven't been there since June, haven't flossed with the Sword of the Spirit, or rinsed with repentance? Hmmmm.....

    Lord may we become more like You and less like ourselves.


  22. Don't feel bad my friend, last time I left the dentist it was with a $110 toothbrush that I a) dont need b) could not really afford C) cant live without if it really cleans as good as they proclaim....

    will let you know!

  23. I hate, hate, hate the dentist as well. I have a dread big time of my 6 mo. check up. It is extremely unpleasant. and I am pondering your "ponder" i think that's a very interesting thought and i do think its true.

    - Rachelle PW

  24. i hate HATE going to the dentist....i'd rather go for a yearly, or have another c-section!!

    i'm like you the smells and sounds...ick!

    I found a dentist that offers laughing gas....and gives me happy pills to take before I go...highly recommend this!!

  25. I am one of those odd little personalities that actually enjoy going to the dentist. The only smell is bath and body works, they are oober friendly about my bad teeth...hello, I'm buying him a boat with the amount of money my family is spending but most of all I am sure that his happy gas machine has had a leak for the past 4 years and I always walk away felling refreshed and giddy...not to mention incredibly hungry. I know I should probably mention something about that at the next appointment but I would hate to ruin it for everyone else :) Church on the other hand is something else...we have over 50 deacons which means we have over 50 deacons wives...i'm sorry, i only go to worship and fellowship, not find fault in everything and everybody.


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