Monday, March 2, 2009


I am positively giddy that March has arrived.   Spring is coming.  The long cold winter is winding down.

I am dreaming...
  • of buds on trees, warm breezes, green grass, tulips and daffodils.  
  • of wild boys running and tossing the football inside outside.
  • of my running skirt instead of under armour.
  • of packing away the boots, snow pants, hats, mittens and big coats.
Last week I decided that I was retiring my winter coat for the season.  I do not care if it is still 20 degrees outside.  I am done.  Call me an idiot optimist.

*image courtesy of google images*


  1. I second that! And I'll toss in a Hallelujah!

  2. The tulips you gave me are helping cheer up our table. they are in a green glass vase and I have my yellow salt and salt shakers next to it. (yes I do know I left out pepper)

  3. Me too! I want to run in shorts.

  4. This is when we "run" by faith, eh? ;)

  5. A foot of snow fell today and it's still coming down.

    Spring is only a dream, but a girl CAN dream.


  6. I can't do it yet...we ALWAYS get nailed by snow in March here.
    You aren't that far from me so I give you brave props!

  7. I LOVE that you put your coat away--you rebel!

  8. You will be a cold optimist if you live somewhere up north! Last year Kelly Love Well in Minnesota posted pictures of their snow on Easter Sunday.

  9. Your posts make me laugh out loud. You crack me up! Sure wish we lived in, I don't know, the same state. I'd invite you to coffee and we could visit in our random language. :)
    How do you cross your words out?...You tech savvy woman!

  10. Mocha with Linda is just jealous that we don't have to start cranking the AC in May, like she does.

    I also boycott winter coats starting in March. (I actually wrote about it last year.) I'm so over it. I actually think my annoyance at all things snow and cold related keeps me warm in place of the fleece.

  11. I've been giddy today, too. It was only 21 degrees, but the sun was shining and the birds were singing.......signs of good things to come. :-)

  12. I'm ready too, but it's gonna have to get warmer before I can put the winter coat away. Maybe this weekend if it really reaches 60 degrees like they say!

  13. It's okay. It was 34 degrees here this morning, and I have on my light jacket.

  14. I've been so tempted to pack away my winter coat..unfortunately it's still REALLY REALLY cold here!
    So I'll just say good for you :)


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