Friday, March 20, 2009

I Might Move for Food...

Yesterday was so much fun with Rebecca here.

This was her first time at Guitar Hero...I love playing with beginners, it's the only time I feel like I have any skill.

Things I learned about her:

  • She never wants to get married or have children. (She decided this before ever leaving Taiwan...I swear it wasn't made after spending a day at our house ;)

  • I told her I won't be surprised when I get a wedding invitation and then baby announcement someday.

  • She loves to talk.

  • I listened to some teenage Taiwanese music, and it was good, even though I couldn't understand any of it.

  • She wishes my feet were smaller so she could borrow my shoes.

  • Taiwanese children are all naughty. HA! Her words, not mine.

  • She is beautiful, inside and out...and today I'm praying that God gives her a glimpse of that today.

  • She can cook like none other.

Rebecca preparing, it's a process...I should have paid better attention...

The finished product. Pepper steak with green peppers, cabbage fried with bacon (my kids ate a TON of this...CABBAGE?!?, rice with pork sausage in soy sauce (this was one of my favs), fried eggs with green onion (again, my picky kids couldn't get enough of it) and then the chicken...oh the chicken. She marinated it with garlic and ginger root, green onions and soy sauce and then fried it in oil. Delish.

My kids tried everything, and I seriously could not believe how much they ate and the fact that they liked all of it!

I'm no idiot, I'm pretty sure the fact that Rebecca made it and not me helped them think it could be nothing but delicious.

Having Rebecca here was SO much fun! Thank you Rebecca!

Julie (our exchange student who will be coming August 1st) let me know that she should probably be kept out of the kitchen. She's so sweet, I think she thought I'd be disappointed...but really, it makes me happy because then she's likely to be pleased with my one-dish wonders ;)


  1. I'm sure it was wonderful! One nice thing about one dish wonders.... they don't require as much cleanup!!!

  2. Is it wrong that I wished I could have tried her dishes too!?
    What a wonderful treat A) to have someone else cook the meal and B) have a meal from another country.
    And she's HOW old? And never wants to marry or have children? That made me laugh, because with her skills she could have a houseful! Of children not husbands, just one of those.
    Isn't it funny how our kids will eat things for others and never what we put in front of them.
    I enjoyed this post Sarah. Now pass the chicken and cabbage please.

  3. That is Awesome!! I am glad that you had a great time!!

    It made me chuckle that she doesn't ever want to get married or have childern. I had a friend like that now they have both!

  4. If I ever will be able to cook you some Norwegian food, it certainly will not be Fisk head with cabbage to it. My grandmother once gave me that. I've had nightmares ever since...

    Rebecca sounds wonderful. Wish I could meet her

    Love Julie

  5. what a great day!! And I would venture out and say it was probably a great day for her too!!!

  6. That dinner sounds and looks delicious! What a treat for the kids (not to be interpreted as the one-pot-wonders are not a treat)!

  7. Guitar Hero and Tai Food...does it get any better than that?

  8. Lol, well at least Julie let you know ahead of time :o)
    Looks like a wonderful time with Rebecca was had by all, that meal looks YUMMY!

  9. Of course I was VERY jealous that you were eating Taiwanese food WITHOUT ME!!! Rebecca has us SPOILED ROTTEN!!! BUT!!! We get our turn again Saturday night. TEHEHE!!! SEAFOOD MIX!!! FRIED CHICKEN!!! BEEF & GREEN PEPPER!!! PORK SAUCE ON RICE!!! SWEET & SOUR PORK!!! CABBAGE & BACON!!! DEEP FRIED DUMPLINGS!!! AND PEANUT SOUP!!! Yep, that sounds good. And Rich and Dee are coming over (it's really cooking for them but I GET SOME TOO!) I'm so glad I could share with you. :)

  10. What wonderful fun! and those pics are great.

  11. I'm new to your blog. I'm a PK all grown up!

  12. oooo.. how fun!!! what an awesome way to share culture with you kids:) what a sweetheart.

  13. Looks yummy!! I LOVE Asian food!!

  14. That dinner looks goooood! Wish I could have tried it.:)

    I can't wait for posts on your exchange student. I can remember always wishing my parents would host one, but they never did. lol

  15. Those pics of the boys gobbling up every last bite make me smile :)

    Looks like a GREAT day had by all!

  16. That looks AMAZING - enough to make me want to move to. Or maybe it's just the idea of having somebody cook some awesome food so I don't have to. :)

    One-dish wonders...amen, sister! Right there with ya.

  17. What a fun day! I'm sure you'd love to play Guitar Hero with me...I totally stink, you could feel like a pro.


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