Thursday, March 5, 2009

*Tongue in Cheek*

So, like a long time ago I asked you for some questions.

You delivered.

Here's some more riveting answers *insert tongue in cheek*

Rach asked: If you had to choose ONE outfit (from head to toe) that you had to wear EVERY day until your turned 40.....what would that outfit be?

This is a hard one...but I'm gonna go with what I have on today...I happen to be in love with the new rolled-up-boyfriend jean-with-some-tears-in-it-look. Kinda like this. Because seriously, no matter what I pick, I won't like anything for the next 9 years...except maybe ballet flats. I'm too fickle.

Lori asked: Ok, I have a question. Now, mind you no normal person would ask a preacher's wife this question, but I've never been one to color inside the lines, so here goes. ALSO (I promise I'll eventually get to the question), this is the first thing that came to mind, because my girlfriend and I were giggling just last night about our middle school nicknames... which brings me to the question, are you ready...What is your stripper name? (First pet's name + street you lived on during childhood)See? Not normal, I know. Let's hope once you reveal your name, it doesn't stick among your parishoners, I would feel bad.

Oh Lorie, this cracks me up...I've been waiting and waiting for just the right moment to share with the Internet my would-be-made-up-stripper-name, according to the above set guidelines.

First pet's name + the street I lived on during childhood.

Drum roll.... Maynard Third Street.

Yep. You read that right. Now you know the real reason I became a pastor's wife...with a name like that, stripping would just not be an option. *cough*

I'm also a big prude...which I may not have mentioned yet on this little blog :)

My friend Jenni has nicknamed me "Amish" which might have been a possibility for me, except for my deep love of electricity, plumbing, and epidurals during childbirth. But I digress...I should save this stuff for another post...

Tomorrow's Friday, YAY!


  1. Lacey Third Street...MY stripper name. That could make us strippers who are sisters and married to pastors. But instead of wearing 5 inch heels, we'll rock the ballet flats.

    Are you in? ;-)

  2. I'm Cookie Fairholm, guess that's why I didn't marry a pastor, haha!! It's nice outside hurrah!

  3. What a sexy stripper name. LOL Mine is Princess Union...

    I'm also considered a prude by many...I think it is a good thing.

  4. Ha! Thank you for relieving me of the guilt I felt for asking that question!! You are probably safe that the name Maynard Third Street will never make it past this blog post :) I, on the other hand, have several yearbook entries made out to "MamaCat."

  5. Mine, Lindy's, Samantha's, and Autumn's stripper names are all the same: Holly Harlington. :)

    Ethan's is good: Boy Butler.

    I think that's a fun game. I actually found it when Lori posted it awhile back and it kept me entertained a whole day! :)

  6. I love this post. Cracked me up. So my striper name..Pet + Street = Abner Brawner. See, this is why I work at a Funeral Home.

  7. Hey, I have a question! Remember back when I did this and you asked me what was the hardest thing I'd ever been through? I want to know the same thing about you. :)

  8. LOL! What great questions. And I am with you on the ballet flats. :)

    So thankful that you weren't sidetracked by that awesome stripper name. You could have missed your true calling!

  9. lOL!!!

    My name is Prissy Prestwick!

    I love it!!!

  10. funny stuff my friend, funny stuff! thanks for making me laugh!!!
    hey, it is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S_N-E-S-S out today! no? why would I even touch my computer on a day like this? why?!?!!?

  11. Ok ok if I could type better with tears streaming down...Oh goodness, I don't know what was better your post or the comments that followed. I SO needed this kind of laugh!
    I'll give my name: I do like it maybe it could the name I write under. ha ha
    Sadie Cosby.
    Oh good post. good post.

  12. Mine is Ace Lincoln...don't think I would make it either! I love you. And I love "Amish". She says that outright, but says "Spoiled" under her breath. :) You guys crack me up.

  13. i'm Tippy London...nice to meet you, maynard third street!

  14. Nicodemus Hillgard... don't think I'd make it to the pole with my name either. :)

    Thanks for your compliment yesterday. My blog has been on the fritz, and I have been reposting old stuff because of error messages. I hope I'm not clogging up your google reader!

  15. I have yet to see you in boyfriend jeans, I am curious how they work!

  16. Oh the laughter.... my stripper name is Bessy Bond... and just for full disclosure, Bessy was a cow.

  17. Chrissy Elkhardt .. That must be why I became a PW too... b/c my stripper name just sounded too bizarre. LOL

  18. Ha! Love this, it is just to funny, mine would be
    Cola it.
    Sorry for personal reasons I can not give you my real name. I read your blog and love it. My word verification also is great "lusse"
    Keep up the wonderful post, they brighten my Day!!

  19. Oh my...LOVE the *stripper* name!
    Better stick to your current occupation!! lol

    Mine would be Puppy (real original, huh?) Baker lol

  20. this was hilarious......and the comments!!

    mine is: Prince Tecumseh

  21. I can't imagine life without all of the necessary stuff - electricity, inside toilets, water, gas . . . but being Amish does has it plus' - you don't really have to choose what to wear each day!

  22. Haha, "Maynard." Go you. I'm not even going to tell you my, uh, stridfspepoihklgha;lkfhsjer name. You'd question my missionary status. ;)

  23. *laughing*

    You are hilarious!!

    ~Boo-boo Bigwoods (for real)

  24. lol that was funny. i enjoy reading your blog cuz i love how you write.

  25. Stinkin' hilarious post my amish friend! Junior Jackson that would be me... better stick with daycare!


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