Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Does it make me  a total loser to steal a meme I wasn't even tagged for?  Thought so. ;)

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to...

1. Adding Julie to our family.  Having a girl around.  Listening to her talk :)   

2. Spending lazy summer days at the pool.  

3. Being able to run 6 miles at a stretch...and then 13.1.  Baby steps.

4. Ben's vacation next week.

5. Warm weather.

6. Watching the boys play T-ball.

7.  Mini donuts in July.

8.  No routine...for the summer...I'll be begging for routine again come fall.

8 Things I did Yesterday...

1. Took two 3-year-old boys to Old Navy and the grocery store.

2. Watched 3 episodes of season 3 of 24.  (Ben was at a Bible conference and I put the boys to bed ;) 

3. Convinced Noah that our next dog will be a Basset Hound.

4. Made lists as follows:  Get done on vacation week, get done tomorrow, get done period.

5.  Ate almost an entire container of fresh salsa all by myself.

6.  Looked through my old weight watchers point booklets.  Still in denial about how many points I really eat.  Bleh.

7. Woke up at 5 AM to run with Billie.  Half way through the run I shut off the Garmin because it was that bad.  A measly 2.5 miles later I came home and crawled back in bed.

8. Felt guilty for being so crabby with the boys because they were being so loud and rambunctious...for acting like, well....boys.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do...

1. Take a vacation with Ben to the east coast.  

2. Then take a vacation to a sunny island with just Ben.

3. Then take my kids on vacation with us ;)

4. Keep plants and flowers alive.

5. Make the weekends go slower and the week days faster.

6. Make losing weight as easy as gaining weight.

7. Make people change.  Including myself. 

8.  Be content in all circumstances.

8 Shows I Enjoy...

1. 24 (I'm only on season 3)
3. The Office 
4. Gilmore Girls (on DVD)
5. When Dr. Oz is on Oprah.
6. Dateline.
7. American Idol (but only on DVR so I don't have to listen to them sing the entire song...ADD)
8. Biggest Loser (same as above, I have to be able to watch it in 20 minutes or its too boring)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. you didn't 'steal' my friend... i tagged you. :)

    i'm with you on the dvr. it's changed the way we forever watch tv. weight watchers? just blogged on that one too... h-mama likes to eat! must. have. more. points...

  2. H-Mama - Thanks for making an honest woman outta me :)

  3. love you my fickle friend. ths lists are a crack up!

  4. Looks like a great meme! I'll have to add it to my list of blogs I'd like to do!
    Fun stuff!!

  5. When you accomplish the weight loss, weight gain thing, plz let me know.

  6. i came over to your page to tag you because i did the same thing on my blog!!! great minds think alike!!! haha

  7. i included you anyways in my list :)

    your list is great... hope you have a GREAT day!

  8. I am a list person as well.....now if I could just do what was on my list........sigh........
    BTW, my list is quite similair..
    Luv ya,

  9. I watched 3 episodes of 24 last night too! :) Except they were from the current season - I missed last week's and the week before...

  10. That was a meme worth stealing. All your vacations sound dreamy!


  11. Honest, personal, witty.
    Great meme!

  12. I debated stealing it too. So don't feel bad. :)

    I love how so many of yours are about vacations. It's like you're reading my mind because all I can think about right now is vacation!!!

  13. I would have totally tagged you on this one, I didn't know if you were too busy, though!

    24 stresses me out like nothin' else. I had to stop watching it!

    by the way, they started airing the "logan" episodes on abc family again....oh logan!

  14. I might have to swipe this meme too! We have several lovely vacation islands here in Georgia - and we're on the east coast! I'm with you on the gaining/losing thing, which is why I'm currently debating weight watchers myself. You say you ran a "measly" 2.5 miles, but I'd be happy to just walk that far! Runners amaze me.

  15. you're still not showing up in my feed, but i re-added hoping it will start showing up!!! i've missed your haircut photos!!! ;)

  16. Oh, that one was fun! I love learning all about those things...and running...bah humbug...I can barely ever motivate...I am a circuit freak because I hate running!!! Wait till you get to this season of 24...amazing!

  17. I love memes like these. I love to get to know the little details about my blogging peeps.

    Um, we were both tagged by Kelly of Love Well for the ipod one. DO IT! I wanna see your songs :)

  18. Happy Tuesday...I'm going to the East Coast in September, nana na boo boo!!

  19. True true true.
    keeping plantes alive is a big challenge.
    You and ben should get a vacation all by yourself!

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  21. I agree with at least half of those things. Fun meme.

  22. HAHA! When I watched AI last year, I used to DVR the show for that same reason, too!!

  23. I like the mini-donuts and the 6 miles in the same list. Classic.

    I'm doing this tomorrow. But, I didn't steal it.

  24. A whole container of fresh salsa? My absolute favorite - I can eat that stuff plain. Although I sure wouldn't turn down a bag of chips with it.

    I love both AI and Biggest Loser, and since we don't have a DVR, I just flip back and forth. Keeps me from getting bored with either. :)

  25. Because you need more followers, I linked you on my post for tomorrow.

  26. This was a fun read! And if you take a trip to the east coast, you HAVE to come see us! (We live near Hershey~chocolate! YAY!).

  27. Love your list! If you ever come to the east coast for a vaca let me know! mkay!

    and you are one brave woman taking two 3 year old little boys out!

    I hope that you are able to come up with a way to make losing weight as easy as gaining weight. the sooner the better.

  28. Oh mini donuts. I melted when I saw that. YUM-O!


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