Friday, April 17, 2009

I'd Like it Back

Random info: This is my 402nd post. Oh. My. Word. Who knew I could ramble on and on day after day for this long. Don't answer that.

So. It's Friday. YAY!

Yesterday I got my hair cut. Another YAY! I'm trying to grow out the front a few inches so that I can pull it back into a pony tail, just and itsy bitsy little one, because right now when I run....DRIVING ME CRAZY.

So, I got my hair cut to grow it out. Only women understand that concept. I'll leave it at that.

Here's some pictures:

Don't tell me how cute it is. Just tell me about a magic pill I can take to make it grow faster.

In other news: There's this weird thing going on with my brain. It's delayed or something. I have lost track of how many times I've thought to myself "WHY did I not say such and such to so and so?!?"

It's like I leave a particular situation or conversation and realize I didn't say anything that I SHOULD have said. Ten minutes later (when it's too late) I think, oh yeah, it's her birthday or oh yeah, they had surgery etc etc etc!

It's weird. And it makes me seem insensitive...and it makes me feel insensitive. And I'd like it to stop. I'd like my brain to start working correctly again. Any time now.

I need a shirt that says: I'm not trying to be insensitive, I'm just really that forgetful and spacey. And don't worry because 10 minutes from now I'll realize what I should have said to you and I'll feel bad about it and I'll replay the conversation in my head and this time I'll say the right thing. Unfortunately, you will not be there for this conversation. My apologies.

Maybe that's a little long for a t-shirt...

I guess the good point of losing my brain is that so far, I'm not saying things I shouldn't. Because I can always go back to the person and add something in, but I can't take back something that's already been spewed out.

Maybe my brain will return this weekend. That would be nice. :)

Happy Friday Friends!



    I'm actually doing the exact.same.thing with mine. And last Thursday...I got it it could grow out. So, I'm totally with ya. Lemme know if you find anything that will make it grow. My hair chic says I need prenatal vitamins. Well...lucky for me...I don't have any of those just lying around my house.....cuz that would mean a baby was coming soon!!!


    There are times, right in the middle of the convo with someone, I'm thinking to myself..."there is something else I should be saying..." Then after about 3 days have passed, I realize what it was. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


    I always forget till we are done talking and then feel like a butt. Your hair is cute, and if you want it to grow take prenatal vits. It works.

  3. I agree - prenatal vitamins, good idea!! :) Workin for me as we speak. :)

    I can realt way to much to the brain issues.... Way too much.

  4. I literally laughed out loud when I read your t-shirt slogan! As for hair, I have heard that there is a shampoo they use for horses to help their hair grow... and that it has been bottled for human use. No, seriously. I think it's called "Mane and Tail" or something like that. Ha!

    The other thing a hairdresser told me once (after another hairdresser did a butcher job on my hair) was that the best way to make your hair grow is to make sure you have a very healthy scalp.

  5. Love the hair! Mine used to be cut like that... not sure what would make it grow faster? hmmmm... maybe i'll think of something in 3 days? ;)

    The brain? Well, from one former pastor's wife to a current pastor's wife? I remember doing that sooo many times. I was trying to be all things to all people at all times. For me personally, stretching myslef too thin among church members and family left little for sanity. I didn't have bloggy friends for everyday therapy though. ;)

    So maybe extra vitamins for the hair and some good old fashioned ginkgo biloba for the brain?

  6. Should we be taking the prenatal vitamins to grow the hair or the brain???
    I'd like in on that tee-shirt, I'm an XL. In brown with pink letters would look good yeh?

  7. ahhh your hair is cute, makes me want to cut mine, I have been growing it for 2 years. Hair Extensions work wonders.
    As for the brain matters; if you find an answer let us all know.
    Love to read your blog.

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one... I ALWAYS replay conversations in my head and wish I would have remembered to say something. Even conversations from years ago...

  9. That's such a good point, that it's better that I didn't say something rather than say something I'd regret!

    I hear you on the hair, especially with running. I just got mine cut too, I was trying to grow it out. I asked her to trim the back so it would all be the same length, but she made it into a bob. So now I put two little pigtails in the front. But I run so so fast that I'm just a blur to people anyway and they don't see my dorky pigtails. Heehee!

    HEY! How's your Garmin working out? I charged mine and will use it tonite WEEEEEE!

  10. Is it long enough to do the two little pigtails on either side at the nape of your neck... with bobby pins? That's a very cute look, so it would go well with your personality. :)

  11. 1. Love the new hair!
    2. Don't use Mane & Tale--it actually dries your hair out.
    3. Take Biotin, an OTC vitamin. My Dr. highly recommends it--she takes it daily & has gorgeous long locks!
    4. I forget everything. Seriously, everything that I should say. The stuff that I shouldn't, however...well, it's always right there.

    That's a little too listy, isn't it? Sorry! Happy Friday!

  12. Everyone agrees about the hair! It is a hit!

    It sounds like you, and many others - like me, are suffering from "mom-neisia." You have too many things circling around in your brian to keep it all straight! I make lists of everything. Seriously, of everything. Using a Q-tip makes my to-do list. It helps. Good luck!

    So, my brain advice is to make losts of lists and get plenty of sleep.

  13. Sarah, I do that ALL THE TIME!!! This year I have managed to call both my mother and my mother-in-law on their respective birthdays and have a 30 minute conversation with them AND COMPLETELY FORGOT TO TELL THEM HAPPY BIRTHDAY. It first happened with my MIL and I called her back about 6 hours later apologizing (I don't think she was too thrilled) and I swore I wouldn't do it again to anyone else then 2 months later I did the exact same thing to my mom.

    So if you're just having an off day (week?) with your brain consider yourself lucky. Cause mine's like that all the time. :)

    Have a great weekend!!!

  14. Are you me? I do that same thing ALL THE TIME. I forget to ask about the most important of things, and it isn't because I don't mind is just too busy to zero in on important information. Lame.

    It really is funny that sometimes we cut our hair to prepare to grow it out. It IS super cute, so I'm going to tell you that even though you said not to. So there.

  15. Thanks for the chuckle today! Your hair IS cute! Love your t-shirt idea. I could use one of those, too! Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I can't NOT tell you cause, girl, it is cute!

    But, for growing, Formula 50 vitamins...oh my stars...will do the trick. You have to ask the Pharmacist for them but don't have to have a prescription. Will help grow your nails too.

  17. i am TRYING to grow my hair out to but its growing so VERY slow!!! and you said not to mention that your haircut is cute, but it is. i shall not tell a lie! :)

    happy friday!
    happy weekend!

  18. Take prenatal vitamins! My hair grew like crazy on those!!

  19. I got one thing to say about "Mommy brain"... good luck getting rid of it any time soon!

  20. Sarah,
    Love your blogg! It brings such joy and encouragement to me. (and laughs, too)

    I'm in the exact same boat with the brain thing. I can totally identify with your shirt slogan. I need one, too. If you find out a magic way to fix that problem, let me know.

    Again, thanks for adding some sunshine to my life!


  21. i was going to suggest prenatal vitamins, but i see others have already said that. i've tried the horse shampoo but it didnt do anything from what i could see.
    and it is cute by the way :)

    if you happen to find a shirt that says that please let me know where i can purchase one. i do that ALL.THE.TIME.

  22. Don't worry I won't tell you how cute it is... cause it is so cute you make me sick! sick of mine that is! *smile*

  23. Hey, I'm Stephanie and I have just started blogging. I really enjoy reading your blog. It reminds me of my life! I linked your blog to mine, if you don't mind. I would love it if you checked my blog out!

    Anyway, The only thing that helped my hair wasn't the prenatal vitamins, it was just being pregnant. ha!

    Love the shirt idea! That would be the disclaimer on my life.

    Thank you :)

  24. I'm wanting to grow mine out as well and I will totally be getting it cut/trimmed in the next couple of weeks in order to better grow it longer--IOW, I totally get your point!

  25. argh! i'm having the same problem lately. i blame it on the fact that i've not had my handy dandy cheapo calendar around. it helps me soooo much.

  26. I have the opposite problem, I say stuff I realize was really stupid, only by the time I realize it, it's too late and the person already probably thinks I'm the biggest moron on the planet! LOL

  27. When you find that shirt, let me know cause I need that too!

  28. Love your blog. This was my fist visit and will be back often...I am a new blogger and would love for you to stop in for a visit....

  29. I always says I suffer from MENTALPAUSE.

  30. I TOTALLY do that! :) I think I'm falling in love with you. LOL I even think about it beforehand, too. "Oh, I need to stop Kathy today and tell her ________" See her, talk to her, completely forgot. Ifeel your pain, honey.

    p.s. the trick to getting your hair to grow is to stop cutting it. ;)


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