Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The One Where I Put Our Friendship to the Test...

It's days like this, as I sit down at the computer and type, I think to myself how weird blogging really is.

Because what I'm about to write is absolute nothingness and it should be considered kinda boring, even by close friends...yet, people will read it. And some will comment on it...and the cycle continues. That, my friends, is why I love blogging.

I can't explain it, but most of the time, my favorite posts (written by others) are the ones that are not well thought out, because it's in those moments that I get to peek into your lives...your real lives and see that in our own unique ways, we're each a little weird. The same kinda weird...and that is comforting. :)

Here goes.

It was an exciting day at the parsonage yesterday... The Hot FedEx Guy, FedEx Ground guy, and UPS guy all visited me. The Hot FedEx Guy, well because I'm married to him, the UPS guy brought me my new swimsuit I ordered, and the FedEx Ground guy brought me my newest bestest friend I will be wearing on my arm when Garmin.

He's a running watch...with GPS and I have wanted him for a long long time, but could never quite justify it because, well, I didn't really run enough. But now I do. And I found a good deal! And now he is going to kick my butt in shape by telling me how far I went and what my pace was, and he'll beep at me when I'm slacking...he's super smart like that. We are going on our first run together tonight, after Bible Club. I'm wearing him around today, ya know, just to get used to him ;)
The swimsuit looks like this. I've been wearing a tankini for the last several years, so this year it was time for something different...and it was on sale...and yes, I am coveting that models tan...and thighs...lets not talk about swimsuits anymore, they're expensive and depressing...and seriously, I can't stop thinking about having a tan :)
Maybe Garmin can help with the's a lot of pressure to put on a watch.
Now I need to get off the computer and deal with this:

The Desk. Boo.

And these:

The more gadgets we acquire, the more cords! Anybody have any ideas how to organize them, because the system of wadding them up and shoving them in the drawer and then ripping them apart when we need one is, well, not working out so great. Shocking, I know.

If you've made it the end of this post, you have proved your loyalty...*pat on the back* for you my friend!


  1. Let us know if Garmin helps.. I've started back into running and if it's helpful, maybe I'll get one. And those stinking cords, we have a drawer that looks just like yours- I have no idea how to organize them.

  2. Cute suit!

    Cord Locks will help with your drawer. I HATE CORDS!!!! Anyway, they are strips of velcro and part of them straps to the cord to make sure you don't loose it when the cord is unwrapped. When you are done you just wrap it around your folded cord and it keeps it from tagleing with the others. Great media invention!! It can be used to shorten cords that are in use too.

  3. Hello Sarah,Your old freind Lorie here I haven't left a comment in awhile but I read your every post in my google reader.I loved the phone call and wish I could have heard it. I love your blog-your realness and your funniness and I read the whole thing!
    Love the bathing suit-
    bE BLESSED, Lorie

  4. I have the same organizational system for cords that you do:)

    Keep us posted on how you like your new watch.

  5. Hope the garmin works out nicely for you. I am not even going to tell you what I thought it was before I saw the picture. Pretty embarrased....

    My drawers looks just like yours, and it's good to see that it's not only me who has this problem...

    Love the swimsiut:)

  6. 1. I ALWAYS read your blogs, & love the random ones the best!

    2. I am loving the new swimsuit--especially the back! As a pasty white Casper the Friendly Ghost look alike, I second that tan! Too bad tanning beds are so bad & spray tans only last a few days. Blah!

    3. The Velcro straps sound wonderful. I'm guessing they'd be pretty easy to make too, & a lot cheaper than what's in the store. Hmm...Guess I'll be looking into that because our cords are out of control!

    That turned out a bit more list-like than I had intended.

  7. what a great delivery day you had yesterday. i had one too... got a insurance check for more than we thought :)

    friend i have yet to read a boring post of yours... so keep writing your thoughts!!!

    ok - super cute swimsuit!!! and you have NOTHING to worry about in how you will look in it. your are tennytiny!

  8. That garmin watch is AMAZING. Super cool. And I love the swimsuit and love that you wear a tankini and a one-piece (my style, lol!). My husband thinks I'm crazy, haha.

  9. Nice suit! Very classy looking.

    I love these kinds of posts too. :) You are right - they help us get a real peak into bloggers real lives. :)

  10. I'm coveting that watch. Also the swimsuit. Wish the girls would let me pull off a one-strap. :)

    As far as the cords, my hubby keeps all ours organized, so I don't have any suggestion from something I've done directly. But I can tell you what we've done with our Christmas lights. Wrap it around and around your arm (hand to elbow) and once you get it wrapped up secure it on opposite ends with a garbage bag twist-tie. It keeps our Christmas lights beat and organized (and not tangled!!!) so it might work for gadget cords too.

  11. Glad to see my desk isn't the only one that looks like that!

    For cords...I actually use rubber bands. I just "fold" the cord up and wrap a rubber band around it a few times. Not pretty, but functional! (I do the same thing for cords that are plugged in for phones, appliances, etc.)

  12. geez... my hubby is into all things technical, so i have many drawers (and small boxes in closets where i just threw them out of desperation... or lack of organizational skillz) that look like that.

    love the watch... and peek into people's weirdness. ;)

  13. LOVE that suit! You're going to be one hot momma at the pool this year!

  14. what a classy suit! my comp is dead today.... correction... my new three month old computer is dead today. thankfully i have daniels..... i will be taking my baby to the geeks TODAY!!!
    i am so not ready yet for the mother race

  15. I guess I will never get to try out the watch because.....I don't run.

    the suit, however, is way cute and I may have to check it out. We are in different states, so it would be ok to buy the same suit! :) All my favorite suits come from Lands End!!

  16. I don't think I'm going to wear a swimsuit this summer. In fact, I may go to Alaska this summer so I can my sweaters on.


  17. Now that is my kind of swimsuit! Full body coverage and the one shoulder strap just gives it something different! Garmin or no Garmin, Your gonna look FAB!

  18. That is one stylin' suit. Make sure you come up to our pool this summer too!

    I think I'm just as excited about you getting that Garmin as you are. I'm dying to hear the report on how you like running with it!

  19. YAY! I'm so happy you got a Garmin! (I got one too! I'm picking it up tonite eeeee!) And that swimming suit is adorable!

  20. Suggestion for the cords - place each one in a separate ziploc bag and write on the bag with a permanent marker whats in the bag.

    Love the swimsuit and the pointless post...those are always my favorite.

  21. Yup for now now until you find something permanently that works, I'd put them in zip lock, just like Jen said and I'd put the ones I use every week in that drawer and then the rest I'd find some else to tuck them away.

    Cute suit!!

  22. You're right ... 22 comments ahead of me on your watch.

    Um ... love the suit.

  23. I love Lands End swim suits! I got my first one last summer and requested a new top to go with my old bottoms for my birthday. :)

  24. I agree, the chatty stream of conciousness posts catch my eye & heart the most also. I enjoyed this one a lot...yes, blogging is a weird world, isn't it?

  25. Lindy has a Garmin, but hers is for the car and its a girl :) I saw your FedEx guy and waved, but he did not see me. Oh well.

  26. Sitting at my completely disorganized desk I'm thrilled to have an idea to organize someone ELSE's:) Use one of those hanging/over the door shoe bags for cords and gadgets. I like this because even if you don't have time to wrap cords up and fasten them you can just drop them in a pocket and still look organized.

  27. fun're brave to have one on the other hand tries on one after another after another...and then goes home empty handed pledging to go to the gym more often!

    when will the kids be old enough for me to just drop them off at the pool!?!

  28. Loving the swimsuit...although, at 7 mos pregnant, I'm thinkin' not this time! ;) But, my current suit is a Land's End one...and I dig it lots and it's has those little scrunchy, ties on the side of the top (tankini) which makes for a great materinity suit for sure. Can't wait to hit the pool and catch some rays...I miss the sun...and on a side note...I miss running and your new Garmin friend makes me want to get out there and go for it again. Of course, the last time I did THAT (Labor Day weekend last year) I strained my achilles tendon and had to take to swimming instead. *sigh* I love/miss my running days...I guess I'll just have to live them out vicariously through you, dear. :)

  29. OK... the Garmin looks awesome.. but I have to know something.. and its pretty silly... BUT are you even a teensy bit tempted to wear it when you are doing housework? I would be. But I am Cajun by heritage and love all things shiny and beeping.

    MY Hubs has an entire rubbermaid tub full of cords.



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