Thursday, July 2, 2009

Because I'm Weird...

I happened to take a good look at my Google reader the other day discovered I have some blogging stereotypes and bias.

One can learn a lot about themselves by the blogs they read.

Generally speaking, I'm a mom-blog kinda reader....ladies that are in the trenches of motherhood with me . I'm also easily sucked in by several Christian women who are sharing their journey and keepin' it real in the process. They make me laugh, relate, and many times cry...there's comfort in knowing others out there are like me...going through the same stuff of life.

Because it's no secret I'm a tad quirky there's also some un-written made-up rules I seem to follow regarding what blogs I read. Here's what I found from my reader:
  • I've stopped subscribing to any of the huge blogs. Weird, huh. I've visited before, and they're pretty great (obviously, or they wouldn't be so huge) but I always end up leaving and feeling like the odd kid who's standing outside the group of the popular I need to go find another kid who actually needs a friend...
  • I don't read cooking's just not my thing. It would be like me trying to read blogs about golf or fishing...although both are fine activities I don't particularly enjoy them.
  • I like smaller blogs because then I get to interact with the writer.
  • If the blog posts are loooong with long paragraphs I stop reading, no matter how great it must have something to do with my self-diagnosed ADD.
  • If the blog background is really dark and I can't see the letters well I stop hurts my eyes...for real.
  • I love blogs that look at life through a unique perspective.
  • But I tend to shy away from ones that seem too sad, or too negative.
  • I get on tangents of certain topics. For awhile I read a bunch of running blogs...eventually I narrowed it down to the ones who are not over-achiever runners, but more like myself...only better.
  • Lately I'm hooked on some fashion blogs that are utterly adorable. I'm gonna share those links with you tomorrow...because I'm just too lazy to do it today.
It's odd, but my blog reading tendencies are very similar to my real life. Much of what draws my attention or repels it are the same.

Some of it needs to be tweaked.

Some of it, I'm just gonna leave alone...because golfing and fishing are boring, I don't care what you say *wink wink*


  1. You're not weird at all - even if my blog doesn't fit into your criteria! :P Actually, I go through phases, too. For a long time I was reading home decorating blogs, until I realized I didn't have the energy to even try to make my house look that good! And I gave up the big blogs awhile ago, too. And for the same reasons. I've made some fabulous friendships through the smaller ones that I would have missed out on if I had kept focusing on the biggies.

    And I so want to see those fashion blogs, so don't forget to link up!!

  2. I'm with you on most of those things, except I need to learn to like running before I start reading running blogs. Why not write a post on how to start running? Can't wait to see the fashion blog links, I need some help! Have a very happy 4th!

  3. Thats hilarious...I am probably a wordy-long paragraph blogger, but I too...long paragraphs drive me crazy.....just words, words, words.....can not handle it. Horrible, I know.

  4. it is a good thing you are weird. everyone likes weird. we can all relate to weird. PLUS you are weird and very open about your weirdness. this makes you charming. and you are cute to boot! *smile* see ya sat! better not rain! the big tree is gone bring some shade.

  5. I love the quirkiness!

    I'm the same way about blogs (except I do read cooking blogs because YUM!). The only "big one" I still read is Big Mama because she makes my sides hurt from laughter, but I'm with you on the smaller blogs. You actually get to make friends with the authors, which is so nice in my opinion.

  6. looking forward to the links for the fashion blogs...

  7. What a great post. I can relate to a lot of your blog reading quirkiness! It made me think about my blog reading quirks......I also flit between various "themes" different ones on those particular themes (I've gone through everything from ministry wives, adoption, scrapbooking, photography, books, running....)and then usually whittle (hmmm, haven't used that word in a long time!) them down to my favorites.

    I am also looking forward to that fashion links post! :)

  8. If you're weird, there's a lot more of us that are, also!

  9. Too funny! I am with you on the long paragraphs, though I find I'm often guilty of doing that on my own blog!

    The two "big" blogs I love are Big Mama and Boo Mama, they just make me laugh so hard...even though I agree with you on feeling sort of like an outsider looking in :)

  10. If you ever stopped reading my blog, I guess I'd just have to quit writing. :)

  11. I won't lie about the title of your post! hehe! Have a fun fourth. Wish I could be home to hang with you guys!

  12. i am the same way about blogs... don't really care for the huge, huge ones. i like when or if i ask a question that the person writes me back. the bigger blog people don't do that & to be honest it makes me a little mad.

    and i also noticed since you wrote it that almost all my blogs i read, follow & leave comments on are going thru the motherhood stage with me. :)

    can't wait to see the list of fashion blogs tomorrow or the next time i can get on the internet! haha only 1 more month in the apartment! yes!!!

  13. Hey, if you don't like it, who wants to take time to read it. Surely not me!!

  14. The way you described feeling around the "big blogs"? Totally get that. :) I do read some, but mostly gravitate towards the smaller ones too.

  15. My blog preferences are pretty much (exactly!) the same as yours. The big ones don"t "need" me & the cooking ones ...I just don't care!
    For me the running ones fall into that same catagorie though, don't care, don't wanna!
    I love yours!

  16. I'm with you, except for the cooking blogs. They inspire me to cook.

    If I can't read the words, or the posts are too long and not broken up into paragraphs, I can't read them.

    I'm with you about the bigger blogs, except for Big Mama. She's a hoot, but I don't read her every day.

    Wait ... I read you and you have one-hundred-and -something followers ... you're a "big" blog. Hmmm ... but remember, I knew you when ...

  17. high five~on your unwritten rules. i could relate to TOO many of them! :O)

  18. i clean out my google reader on a regular basis too!!! love your fashion blog suggestions! i think i might be purchasing those boots too, in black!

    my blog reading thoughts align very closely with yours only i don't read running blogs... i read cooking blogs instead! yum!

  19. I had to stop reading the crafting blogs. I tend to jump on the ban wagon and then fall off and can't catch back up. Then I have all the stuff to craft with and not one single project finished.

    I love to look at photography blogs, I guess you could call me a photography blog stalker.

    I love mom blogs.

    Great post.


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