Monday, September 21, 2009

Because I'm a Mom Blogger...

Friday I promised you all some pictures. Let the record show that I actually followed through this time even though blogger wouldn't cooperate with me ALL DAY LONG.

Friday night we totally got our butts kicked on the football field. I say "we" but it was really not me...all I contributed to the game was sitting in the bleachers and chatting while consuming hamburgers, nachos, and various sugary treats. Despite the loss, Julie had fun at her first official American homecoming.

Here's Joe and Julie at the homecoming dance. I was not actually there to take the picture...but don't think I didn't think about it ;) Cute aren't they...poor Joe, I shouldn't be so hard on him. He's not actually done anything wrong...except being alive and a boy and interested in my Norwegian daughter. He did friend request me on facebook, so that earned him some brownie makes spying a tad bit easier...not that I'd ever spy *cough*

I'm sure I'll eventually come around from tolerating Joe to even liking long as he doesn't fail any of my impossibly high standards. And there I have another semi-impossibly high standards...I could also blog about how I hope Joe doesn't know I have a blog. :)

To be fair, I'm not being hard on boys. I have three of them. I will be equally unexcited about teenage girls that come along. Just to prove it to you, last Friday night at the game, a little girl in Noah's 2nd grade class came up to Ben and I to ask where Noah was. Ben started to tell her and then saw my "don't you dare tell her where my sweet little boy is" before we both looked at her and said, "Sorry, not quite sure" Don't wasn't a lie, I wasn't exactly sure ;) I'm not gonna help the girls find my son...2nd grade or not! Oh I kid...a tiny, tiny little bit.

Moving on...

Ben and Julie before the game...

Seriously, it was adorable. He looks good with a's a good thing we borrowed one.

All the queen candidates (Julie is 2nd from the left)
This is Julie and Leika. Leika is the other exchange student in the school.

The End


  1. She is such a doll.. a perfect fit for your fam. Altho.. the pic of Ben makes me have to say.. you need another daughter :)
    I love that your over protective.. go gettem... hehe.

  2. Julie looked beautiful. Boy/pretty girl/homecoming=stress! I think I would be over protective as well... I get kinda tense just thinking about it!!!!

  3. Julie looked adorable. (As did the hubby...and you're right--he looks good with a daughter!) Her date was pretty cute, too. : )

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. So fun :) He does look good with a daughter....and let me be the first to say,,,,God works in mysterious ways ;)

  5. She is so pretty! I think you should still keep an eye on her date - I'm sure he is a nice guy and all but you know how those guys can be ;}

    Ben looks good with a daughter...maybe you should adopt her!

  6. Yea! I love pictures. And those were fun. I hope Julie enjoyed homecoming. She looked stunning.

  7. Pastor can adopt my daughter anytime. She needs a godly earthly man to look up to and to protect her. j/k Great pics and you will have the memories forever. Thanks for tonite.

  8. Love it! Julie is gorgeous, Ben definitely looks proud, and you are fantastic as usual.

    And if Joe just happens to be reading this...good thinkin' adding Sarah on Facebook! :-)

  9. Ben does look good with a daughter! Very cute pics!

  10. I'm right there with you. My daughter's newest boyfriend actually waited til after church service a couple weeks ago and asked her dad (the pastor) if he could date his daughter. My husband told him sure, as long as he kept Jesus in the middle of them. (both physically and spiritually) I thought that was a pretty good answer.

    So far, there hasn't been one good enough for her, but I know I'm prejudiced. Anyway, this was the first one that had the nerve to ask her daddy, so he's doing better than the previous ones. ;)

    By the way she looks very pretty in her purple dress.

  11. Julie is gorgeous,mature, age appropriate, Mercy some of those gals look like they are NOT 16 or 17! Umm, I'd be right there with ya!
    Good grief I feel OLD!
    Lord, please don't let these next 10,12 years fly by, I need TIME to enjoy my sweet babies!!!!

  12. Julie looks gorgeous!

    I'd feel the same way about any guy inquiring about my baby girl -- don't make me think about it!

  13. Jim has already felt protective of Josefine's infant boy/friends...I say, "but they're so cute!" just to get'm riled up. ;) Hehe. I'm so bad.

  14. Julie is beautiful!

    My husband is already disliking little boys who take an interest in our little girl and she's only 7. He came home the other evening to find her riding on the back of a boys bike...he was pegging know what I mean? They have those little pegs on the back wheels where someone can stand and hang on. My husband almost died of a high blood pressure attack and he doesn't have high blood pressure.

    Lots to look forward to.

  15. Beautiful pictures! I don't know what we're going to do when our girls get to be Julie's age, yikes!


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