Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Around the House

I got this idea from Melissa at Breath of Life. I couldn't resist.

Around the House: October

: This Present Darkness by Frank E Peretti

Enjoying: My family. Ben was on vacation last week and it was so nice to just have him around. The boys never cease to amaze me. They are each so unique, that when we're all together it's just plain amusing to me.

Learning: How to deal with people that drive me absolutely CRAZY. Maybe pastor's wives aren't supposed to admit that they find certain kinds of people very annoying to be around. But this one does. And although I'd like God to zap me with the ability to just "like" them, it's not that easy. Instead He's teaching me how to love them even in their annoyingness...which goes against my natural tendency. Very against.

Watching: I'm part way into season five of 24. I rented the season for a week, which means I really need to plow through it. I love that. Anyways, Sunday night Julie was quite horrified at how scary and violent it was. I tried to explain to her that she'd just have to watch it to "get" why we love it so much...I also may have explained that although the show is fictional, our government in America really does have to fight crazy terrorists and it is going to be violent...it's just too bad Jack Bauer isn't real. I digress. By last night, she sat through a couple episodes and I even heard her say "I see why you think it is so exciting"...she's coming around ;) But I am now convinced that you have to be American to truly love Jack Bauer.

Anticipating: Christmas. I know, I know it's only October. But I've been listening to Frank Sinatra's Jolly Christmas all week. Christmas in the Parsonage is going to be very different this year and I'm excited about it. Most years I spend, what feels like forever, making lists and endless shopping trips trying to find a present that someone won't hate and doesn't really need. It makes December fairly well...not fun. This year we're stepping back from present exchanges so that we can give to those who really need something and we can spend some time as a family doing meaningful traditions that will last far longer than toys and material things. Oh, there will still be some presents, but it won't be the flying though of package after package as in years past. Our new plan is bound to cause some to think we're crazy...but that's ok...we are.

Realizing: How blessed I am. Even in the tough stuff...blessed beyond measure.

Pondering: Why at the clinic and hospital yesterday (where I got to see and hear this little baby growing inside) everyone that found out this was my fourth baby had the same reaction, "Wow! Four?!?" As if three is normal but FOUR, gets a wow? Weird.

Studying: Daniel by Beth Moore. I had no idea how timely this study would be for me personally and so many others.

Wondering: If this little baby is a boy or a girl. What its name will be...because at this stage in the game I don't like any boy or girl names.

Remembering: Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.

Praying: That our family stays healthy and miraculously avoids the flu and H1N1.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. love this! what a neat idea! I definitely have a love/hate relationship w/ the 'wondering' game....but when we were stewing about what to name Hayden, my Pastor's wife said to me 'isn't it so neat that God knows exactly what his name is and already a plan for that little man!'....I loved that.

    And after having 3 babies....what's a 4th or a 5th?! People are weird.

  2. It's funny what qualifies as a "big" family these days -- back in the day nobody would've batted an eye at 4 kids!

    Love what you're doing for Christmas! Dave and I have talked about starting a family tradition where every other year we only get 1 or 2 presents for the family and use the money we would've spent to help the needy -- either by giving presents or helping a missionary or something. Good way to teach your kids that you really mean it when you say that it's better to give than receive!

  3. Being pregnant with #4 myself, I'm sure we'll get those comments as well. Having three children has become more common in the last 10 years I think. But four? That's just nuts, isn't it? ;-)

    I really liked your list, by the way. I guess I just really like you.

  4. You know, I hear people say that too about others...."do you know they are having number 4, 5 or 6 or whatever" in amazement..... I always smile and say, "Yes, isn't that GREAT!!!" That usually nips it in the bud......!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha
    Love your honesty and hoping you all stay well!
    Love ya!

  5. Fun post! I may have to borrow the idea.

  6. Hi there, I adore that you are expecting baby #4. People always think they have to make a comment about how many children people have.

    We were at church one Sunday when someone we hadn't seen in a while saw us with our five and said, "Don't you know what causes that yet?"

    My answer was simple . . . Yes, God Does!

  7. Great post! Thanks for flattering me so.

    Love the Christmas idea. I think it's wonderful.

    CONGRATS on the new addition.

  8. Didn't Beth Moore call those people who drive us crazy and bring out the worst in us - Patientees? I can't remember exactly, but I know it was something like that. God puts them in our lives to teach us patience. I have my own list of "patientees"!

    Great idea for Christmas!

  9. I just started Daniel today!!! I am SOO excited about it. My neighbor has been raving about it and pestering me for months to do it but I had to finish Stepping Up first (also awesome).

    Speaking of Bethie, if you go to her wednesdayswithbeth.com site, she has some video/audio files on dealing with people who drive us crazy. It made me feel a little better hearing Beth Moore say there are people who drive her nuts that she just doesn't get along with. :)

    You're making me want to start 24, but I have too many books to read at the moment. :)

  10. Fun read.

    I'm 100% with you on the learning...story of my life right now. NOT FUN.

  11. I loved this post. I may have to borrow it sometime soon!

    Daniel was one of my favorites of Beth Moore. The 2nd half moves very fast so stay on top of it!

    I think I am learning the same thing....tough sometimes!

  12. SO...I've never watched 24...really, it's true. I don't know what my deal is.

    Also, I'm positive you'll come up with a name you absolutely love. It'll just fall on you.

    You will love the entire Daniel study. It's so heady, but I love how Beth Moore can inspire even me to study the historical stuff and have my heart effected at the same time.

    Sorry...I'll stop rambling.

  13. Hello there! Returning your greeting from earlier. :)

    I'm praying we stay healthy (no flu or H1N1, please?), too...with all the traveling we do (have done) it's hard to trust...but, I have to work hard to believe that I can't keep Josefine from getting sick...she's God's baby, I'll let Him do that! It is quite worrisome, though. I must admit. ;)

    Praying you all will stay healthy as well!

  14. love this...may have to steal it myself!

    love your idea for Christmas!!

    and I would think people's reaction to having your 4th child would be 1) how young you are/look 2) how in shape you are...... instead of the wow! number 4...don't ya know what causes that attitude!

    we used to sing greater is He that is in me when I was younger...totally forgot about that song....

  15. Nice to catch up on your household!

  16. people said "wow" when i was pregnant with #3! whatever!

    cute idea - i should play along!

  17. I think I may have to steal this!:)

    I'm pregnant with #4 and getting the same comments/looks. In fact, I blogged about the questions we get. lol

    I have to say I love your honesty and your 'realness'. Throughout your blog you are just real and I appreciate that.

  18. Hey Sarah!
    Congrats on the baby!
    I blogged for the first time in MONTHS yesterday, and borrowed your idea.
    Here's to regularly scheduled blogging from now on.

    Blessings to you!

  19. oh, and Beth Moore calls those people "testies." I have a few. ;)

  20. I loved this post!
    I haver that book on my shelf, but have yet to read it. Must get to it!
    I wish Jack Bauer were real too.
    I just watched White Chistmas last night, and I'm totally in the swing of things for Christmas, but it is all undercover you see, because my hubby is one of those "after Thanksgiving" types.
    I am really annoyed at people who think four is a lot, and I am so happy for you!

  21. Yes Sarah! 4 gets a "WOW" and just wait -- after baby is here -- they will say things like " Are these all yours" while either looking disgusted or amazed.....I hear it ALL the time.


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