Thursday, October 29, 2009


I should give you a Julie update. She's doing really great. Is that enough information? Her grades are excellent, she's easy to have around, and has put up with my mood swings amazingly well. Sometime soon I'll have her do a guest post on her thoughts of living here. It's sure to entertain. ;)

Julie traveled with friends to an apple orchard last weekend. Along the way they found a little store in a little town that sold Norwegian stuff. She brought back this mug for us. It says:

Living with a Norwegian Builds Character

It makes me smile. Now, if I could only find one for her that says:

Living with a Pregnant American Host Mom Builds Character

Poor girl. I think my nausea and laying around for the past couple months may have scared her away from ever wanting children. I think it's best that come April, she stays out of the delivery room. ;)

Last winter when we were contemplating hosting a foreign exchange student I remember joking with my Bible Study ladies that I'd probably end up getting pregnant AND hosting a student...because that would of course be INSANE. At the time I was completely joking. Because God certainly would not do that to me.

Or maybe He would. And maybe just to show me who's in charge of it all, He'd set up the fact that baby #4's due date would be the birthday of the Norwegian girl He'd ordained to live with us. None of it is by accident.

Because God is big on details.

PS - Remember when you all voted for the Iowa hospital to win a chance at a new game room? Well, they ended up in 2nd place so THEY WERE ONE OF THE WINNERS!! YAY! Thanks for voting!


  1. God definitely has a sense of humor, that is no doubt :)
    Glad the host parenting is going well!!

  2. dang I am emotional today! I teared up at the phrase : God is big on details!

    no I am not pregnant. *smile*

  3. I love God and His sense of humor! And congrats to your hospital!

  4. And this is why I keep little details like that in my head! Because SURLY if I SAY them, OUT loud God WILL laugh at me saying "OH HO HO You think SO do ya?!"
    He can be a jokster ;)

  5. After praying for children for many years, God answered our prayers in abundance. He IS a Jokester!!! He gave us FOUR BOYS!!! They are now 7, 6, 5 and 3/12. When it all began they were 2, 2 and 1 . . . the fourth arrived a year later.

    I love reading your blog - you keep it real.

  6. You're due on her birthday?! How bizarre! :)

    And I vote YES for a Julie Guest Post. I'd love to read that. :)

  7. I've been reading and super excited for you about number 4, but not so good about commenting.... but please know I am out there reading you. Anyway,thought I'd share that I too am preggo for number 4, due in June and I totally know what you mean about the comments you got at the clinic. Had my appt last week and the nurse was like, "well you certainly know a lot about being pregnant" had a diff dr appt this week and my pregnancy came up and the dr said, "are you ready?" (as if I had a choice in the matter now) My kids will be 6, 4, and almost 3 when the new one arrives. Anyway congrats, and I am sure Julie is learning lots of amazing things about motherhood from living with you!

  8. Oh I love that. I love that your due date is her birthday. And I love that she found that mug for you. And I love your jokes.

  9. My son and I recently joked around about getting a flat tire and guess what happened two days later!

    I'm going to be VERY careful about what I say.

    That mug is great. So surprising she found it! Unles of course, there are a lot of Norwegian people in Iowa.


  10. Cute cup! I think the tell exchange students to but their host families cups, we got two when our student was here and she has sent me another one in the mail! So funny!!!

  11. Julie is such a sweetie. How fun for you guys to have this experience together.

    God sure does have a sense of humor though.

  12. That is so cool the due date is her birthday... maybe that will help swing a girl into your world of boys. :-)

    I would be working on finding all sorts of 'American' tags for her... a t-shirt saying, "I survived the crazy Americans..." etc.

  13. How cool about the due date and Julies Birthday! I'm sure that's really special to her! I hope #4 is born on his/her due date, then! :) What a fun birthday present for her!!!! I know...not totally likely. But,'s possible!!! :) That mug is hilarious, btw! :) Good job, Julie! Haha!

  14. Here you go... just what Julie needs for Christmas.

  15. Maybe you'll have a girl -- then you could name her Julie :)


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