Thursday, October 1, 2009

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That...

Let me just say that I am a little jealous annoyed that it seems like everyone around me has turned into a fantastic photographer. Some of your blogs I visit and each and every time there is a perfect picture to match your post.

Barf. :)

For awhile I liked to just blame it on my's not fancy enough. But reality has settled in, and it is in fact not my camera but a certain someone named Sarah that operates the camera. It's not my gift. Reality hurts sometimes. As my friend Shanon would say...Buck-Up Barbie.

Plus, pathetically poor pictures are still entertaining, right?!? Good.

Here's a list of some of my favorite things lately:

1) God. Period. And this song in particular just keeps summing it up perfectly. "Even when I'm caught in the middle, of the storms of this life I won't turn back I know you are near. I will fear no evil, for my God is with me. And if my God is with me, whom then shall I fear?" So thankful He never lets go of me...

2) My husband. Watching him love the flock God has entrusted to him is something I can't quite explain. Thankful for the new understanding I have of Pastor's and their calling. Praying each church goer everywhere understands the love and burden their pastor feels for them...he's fighting for you, and he's on your side. Love him, and lift him up in prayer.

3) Believers that I can go to who encourage and offer support and prayer. Over the big stuff and the trivial.


I got his little doohickey at a Scentsy party. It plugs into the wall and you put these little scented wax squares in the top of it and it makes the whole house smell yummy! Genius.


I can't get blogger to flip this picture...imagine that. Our Ladies Bible Study is in week three of this study. Words cannot express how much I love it. Love it, love it, love it.


I bought these magnets in the dollar bin at Target. Makes me smile every time I go to the quite often.


Fake pumpkins and gourds that I cannot kill.

There are also a few things I am not loving...

1) The house goes from picked up to disaster in about 3.2 seconds. If I could just learn how to function well in mess then I would be set. Instead, I start to feel claustrophobic and get crabby.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: Their version of picking it up.

About three articles of clothing in that pile are actually dirty.


The stuff that used to be piled in baskets on the desk, until I walked past it this morning and my hips knocked it all on the floor.

I guess I've avoided the mess for long enough...better get at it. You can bet I'm gonna be listening to this song while

getting the job done. If I only had a tambourine... *wink*

Happy Thursday!


  1. Sarah, did you sneak into my house and take photos of my floor?!?

    I need that magnet!

  2. LOVE Shannon's saying!!!

    Pretty fond of the magnet too!

    Praying for us all!

    We love,love, love our pastor and his fam!

  3. Great song, one of my favorites! Scentsy and the Daniel study are AWESOME!!!

  4. Ok, "Buck up Barbie" cracked me up. The rooms look like my kids' rooms (oh who am I kidding, some days it looks like my room :-)).

  5. I was excited to see the blanket we gave Eli in the middle of the first messy picture! :)

  6. I can relate to the house going from clean to disaster in 3.2 seconds. And, can you imagine what I will come home to after being gone for 2 days next weekend? Oh my! I am going to be paying for that for a week..

    Love that Matt Redman song!

  7. Hi there . . . I can relate to your post today . . . I too can have things together and in a blink they are a mess. I started taking advise from ~~ is is fun and teaches from baby steps. There is absolutely no cost.

    As for your paper clutter - come on over to my blog for a visit. Today's blog is on paper clutter from

    my other blog is:

  8. Love your E. We have a J just like it.
    I need to get some gourds decorated....
    Oh to have a Target close by....

  9. My son told my husband a few weeks ago, "Sometimes I take the clean clothes and put them back in the hamper so they come back super clean."

    Really? I wonder, or is it b/c that is easier than opening the drawer and putting them away??

    Either way, it explains why I am rarely caught up with laundry here.

  10. I think the pictures on my blog would probably make you feel a whole lot better about yours :) I'm still blaming it on my camera though.

    I saw those magnets the other day and almost got them :)

  11. LOVE this song!!

    and I am SO gonna get some fake fall stuff that i can't kill!

  12. Your kids put their clothes away just like my kids. I think I've resigned myself to the fact that children's rooms are supposed to be a mess. It only drives me crazy. Everybody else in my house is perfectly happy in a mess. I may join their side soon...shhhhh.

    Great song.


  13. I have those magnets. =) Well, the Dwight ones. They say..(to brighten your day even more):

    Dwight K. Schrute
    Assistant (to the) Regional Manager

    Do you want to form an alliance with me?

    Good Worker
    Hard Worker

    Dwight Schrute

  14. Love the fake fall stuff you can't kill. In case you need more they have a box of them at Walmart for 5 bucks! They are all sparkly!!!! I had to refrain... if I bring home one more fall thing my husband may barf.

    My bedroom would make your house look like perfection. Every morning the kids come in and put on my shoes and clothing and then the mess just stays there.... I'll get to it... eventually....

  15. I'm with you on the picture thing- I'm just no good. Oh well. And about that air freshener thingy- it sure is pretty, but i guess you have to make sure your kids don't think the smelly wax thingys are candy, huh?

  16. I've come to the conclusion that I'm a stinky photographer...and I'm really bummed about it!

    Love your fall decorations. I'm impressed...I got nothing.

  17. Have I ever told you how much I like posts like this?

    I do.

  18. Thanks for bustin' my bubble.
    All this time I was blaming it on my camera!!

    Check out my post today, I refer to my photo taking skillz!! (or lack there of!)

  19., I had to laugh when you mentioned that pile of paper getting knocked off the desk by your hips when you walked're a crack up...reminds of the time Jim and I had to go to some health eval. at his work RIGHT after I had Josefine. (no fair) and they had to weigh me and check my BMI. Nice, right? Well...the report came back and I was none the happier. Later that day, I was bending over to pick something up and Jim ran into my behind. I said "Sorry, my BMI got in the way." That's how I cope...and we laughed...hysterically. :D

  20. btw...I'm in NO way comparing your hips to my bmi...just sayin'. ;) ♥!

  21. You may have knocked off paperwork with your tiny little "I trained for a marathon" hips but have you ever broken a bed with your butt? I think I got ya beat on that one! Don't you wish you had that great story to tell?!

  22. Don't you miss our days in the dorm when we could be such neat freaks that we had time to windex the floor - they are gone my friend, gone!

  23. Who cares if you can't take pictures. You can WRITE! THAT is why we come read your blog. Seriously, just keep on keepin' it real, and you will have one of the best blogs I know!

  24. a messing house make me crabby too!!

    why is it that it takes an hour or so to get it looking nice but only takes the boys 2.5 seconds to undo all that i just did?!?! ha

  25. LOVE your blog! You absolutely made me smile, then laugh, then smile again! We did Beth Moore's Daniel in Bible study, then I went to her seminar with Kay Arthur, and bought everyting she had! I'm still working on understanding the 7th week...I've been working on it for 30 years! Looking forward to visiting you again and again. Take care, and God bless.



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