Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh That Kid...

Jake, our four year old, has been coming up with some crazy stuff lately.

He particularly likes to tell stories...which is a nice way of saying he lies. It's not hard to figure out the difference between his lie and the truth because he always follows up the humdinger with I'm not even kidding.

Here's some things we heard from his mouth just the past few days:

  • I hope we have a baby sister, then she can be my slave. (He's apparently a chauvinist already)
  • I want to go with dad, I don't want to stay home with mom, she's naughty to me. (Which made me utter...I'll show you naughty...)
  • Mrs. Simons (his preschool teacher) lives at the school...she told me. I'm not even kidding.
This is the same kid who won't dress himself in the morning because he just can't... yet asks me not to walk him into preschool anymore because he's too big for that.

He's the kid who comes down the stairs 500 times after being tucked in for the night. Each time with a convincing story and dimpled smile while saying "I'm sawee mama"

He's also quite insistent that "Corn" would be a great name for the new baby.

He thinks he's got me fooled. He thinks he's got me wrapped around that dimpled smile. And he does. For now. I wish I could bottle up his four year old cuteness...even the "story-telling."


  1. "Corn" - I personally LOVE IT!! What better name for a true Iowan?? :)

    I can just relate to all of this and I smiled while reading the entire post! My Jacob has the naughtiest (but cutest ever) excuses for getting out of bed 500 times at night..

    "Mom, my hand hurts. I need a band aid. My ankles are broken (love that one!). It's dark (um...yeah!).

    Oh these little boys!!! :) Love them like crazy!!

  2. Oh my word! This made me laugh SO HARD. What a character!

  3. Okay, before I HAD a boy boys fell into two catagories: Rambucious or whiney. I'm not saying mine isn't either of those his is, he is also SO much more. Like you have witnessed with your own, mine is very "creative", he is the comedian of the house and he is also the best snuggler. God blessed me with my boy to give me an appriciation for the "other" creation you know the first one he tested...that's when he got it right and made the girl version.
    At least that is what I tell my husband when I send him to the pantry for something and he says "We don't have any. I can't see it." And I'll say "thats because your not using your eyes! And that's why God gave us TWO pair, one in the front one in the back."
    Can you tell I've had two cups of coffee this morning? I can't tell, but I'm finding my comments today are SO much longer then usual. And I'm also sure they are FULL of spelling mistakes!

  4. So funny.....
    That's why we decided to have twins...Hayden isn't gonna know what hit him and there will be no big brother beating up younger brother. It will actually be quite the opposite. I envision lots of spankings in our future.
    Yeah, I said it, spankings ;)

  5. Adorable!


  6. Oh yes, I remember "my teacher lives at school"! Sweet Son #1 once saw his preschool teacher at the grocery store. I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head, he was so shocked! :)

  7. Oh man...this is funny! They say the darndest little things! My son seems to point out people that are in wheelchairs or that are a different race so maybe just saying a baby sister will be his slave is a good thing!

  8. My boys used to do the same thing! In fact the 7 year old still does! I email his teacher all the time....I just never know if he's telling a story or the truth! You gotta love the creativity though!

    "Corn" is a much better name than my oldest came up with. He was 4 when I was pregnant with our youngest. He was insisting that we name the baby "Gasoline exhaust". We decided to go with Ella! :)

  9. Angelo has the same shirt! And...I do know a person named corn!

  10. That is just too funny! As a mom of a now 36 yr. old son, I can still remember those adorable little "stories" that he told...you will too. What wonderful memory makers, and what a sweet little guy!

    Corn? LOL!

    God bless,

  11. i have one of those!!! only he is only 3, does this mean i have more time with the "stories"?

  12. He's a doll and lucky you ... he's yours ... stories and all :)

    You're blessed - and you know it!

  13. I know people who let the older brothers name the baby brother...

    Not corn... no it's Cheddar!

    Yep, no joke.

  14. I'm not even kidding! Cute post...and fun to get to know little Jake...and his four-year-old funness! :)

    And "Corn." Hilarious!

  15. What a fun age! Such cute stories and an adorable picture...I'm not even kidding!

  16. I love 4 year olds!
    btw, I've just sat down to catch up on my blog reading tonight and read your post from last Friday. CONGRATS!!!!
    As a mom of 4, I love it when others join me in the madness!!!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  17. Too Funny!

    My youngest seems to suffer from the same "story telling" bug. She not only ends it all with "I'm not even kidding" but now says "I'm so serious Mom, for real life"

    As a Mom you can't help but LOVE them tons, stories and all! Thanks for sharing!


  18. i've got a cute little 3 year old that already says "i'm not even kidding!!!"

    the fun road ahead of me!! haha

  19. I remember my sister's reply when asked if she wanted a baby brother or a sister. She always said...neither! I want a baby elephant. Yeah! My mom wasn't so excited about that one :}

    Any to ease your mind, the getting out of bed 500 times is not reserved for boys alone. Both our girls did that....

  20. What is it with the getting out of bed 500 times? Uugh. Gemma too.

    He's a cutie. You are right, there's no resisting dimples.

  21. hysterical. corn. really. can you iamgine.... what's your name sweet girl? My name is corn. No, honey, what is your name? CORN!!!
    Daniel (and the rest of this family) would give her/him soooo many fun nicknames.
    Cornflake. Corn Syrup. Corncob. Cornucopia. lol!!!!!!

  22. that is SO funny! he wants to have a little sister so she can be his slave!!!

    must be something about 4 ;)

    sarah wanted to dress herself ALL the time at 2...she was a BIG girl and can do it "by myself" something happened between now and then cause she just can't seem to dress herself or go to the potty without needing help! {sigh}

    hope ya get to feeling better soon....


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