Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good Questions and Yummy Donuts...

Man this picture makes me want some donuts. My love for donuts runs deep...very deep.

Moving on.

I'm joining in on the fun with Linda over at 2nd Cup. I think all of my readers probably already know Linda, but it you haven't met yet, I highly recommend you take a trip over there. She's a hoot.

1. It's early morning, about 2:00AM, and you're driving home. You come to a red light and sit there. There is no one in sight for miles around. Do you wait it out or run the light?
I sit there...until I've convinced myself that the stoplight must not work properly at 2AM therefor justifying my need to go through it. And then, I think to myself *wait!* it's 2 in the morning and there are probably drunk people driving all over the place and if I break the law by going through the stoplight they will probably show up out of nowhere and crash into me. Welcome to my thought's exhausting.

2. If you had the chance to re-do the last 24 hours, would you change anything?
I might change my tall Peppermint Mocha to a grande because sometimes bigger is better.

3. When you reply to someone's comment on your blog, do you reply in your comments or go to her blog and comment? (Or email her)
It just depends. But I am not very good at following up like many people are. I'm always amazed when I leave a comment somewhere and the sweet person emails me about it. Makes me feel special... and then bad because I am not as thoughtful. I do have some good excuses though...I can email ya if you're interested. ;)

4. Your favorite Disney movie is: Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast.

5. Do you recycle?
I do! Only for the past year or so...I'm a little slow at jumping on this band wagon. I don't really enjoy it though...but I can do my part.

6. Games of strategy or games of chance?
Can I say a little of both without cheating the question? My current favorite game is Dutch Blitz. It's a card game with Amish people on it. And I think it involves both strategy and chance...that being said, I am very annoyed that my husband beats me at it 80% of the time.

7. Do you have any recurring dreams?
YES. I keep dreaming that we are moving into another parsonage. Still the same church, just moving us to a different house. Anyways, the houses are big old houses and in the dream I'm trying to figure out where I'll put everything and who will sleep in each room and then I'm trying to figure out what colors to paint all the while I'm wishing I could just go back to my small house where I don't have to worry about any of that.

8. What did you learn from your first real job?
I'm gonna count babysitting as my first real job because I was a hard-core babysitter and man was I good at it. I could keep the kids happy and safe AND clean their kitchen to boot. I was in high demand. I learned to multi-task with kiddos around. Too bad I don't have my 15 year old energy to keep me going these days.

9. Do you buy or borrow most books?
I think I borrow most books. I've just recently started using our little library on a regular basis. I've gotten over my bad habit of not returning books so now it's not quite as scary :) Just yesterday I checked out this book. I KNOW! I saw the author on The Today show and this town in the book is in our general area. My step dad grew up there and we have a good pastor friend who is now pastoring there. I think it will open my eyes to my own tiny town too. I'll let ya know more about it once I pass page 15.

10. What fashion trend of the past did you say you'd never wear again but did?
Pretty much all of them. I tend to eat the word never whenever I use it.

11. When do you start Christmas shopping?
Not until December. It's all about atmosphere for me.

12. Have you ever been so happy that you literally jumped up and down for a few seconds? If so, what was the occasion?
Yes. It usually involves me clapping too. For some reason they just go together.

Go over to Linda's to join in on the fun!


  1. Love Dutch Blitz....but hubby doesn't like the chaos of it....sad :(
    Jumping and clapping. Too funny :)

  2. I loved reading your your sense of humor!

    My thought process is also exhausing...just ask my husband : )

    Enjoy your day!

  3. You are so cute. I'm just smiling at the mental image of you jumping up and down while clapping. :)

  4. DUTCH BLITZ! One of my all time favorite games. My sis-in-law and I played it endlessly last Christmas!

  5. I loved your answers for:
    #1 "Welcome to my thought's exhausting"
    #2 "I'd change my tall PM for a Grande." I seriously need a shirt that says "Grande me!"
    and #12 I CLAP too. You are so right they just go together!

  6. LOL at #2. You crack me up!

  7. OK, I'm clearly out of the loop on some of these games. Dutch Blitz? Help me out here. Blessings, SusanD

  8. jumping and clapping DO go together! i can't do one without the other ;)

    Dutch Blitz never heard of it.....but now I'm gonna have to check it out!

  9. Dutch Blitz, I'm gonna have to check that one out for the holidays when my sister comes home, she is all about games, and she beats me 80% of the time, like your husband!

  10. I'm pretty sure to be a baptist you have to play Dutch Blitz. And I can get kind of aggressive when I play it. Probably because I'm faster than my hubby, so I can actually beat HIM for a change!!

  11. I love answer #1. I'd probably do the same thing. Actually though, I got a call to come into work in the middle of the night 1:30-2:00am last night and I realized half-way there that I didn't have my glasses and wouldn't be able to see a thing so I did a big U-turn right in the middle of the intersection to go back and get them. However, it was a green light! lol


  13. #2 - I'd upgrade to Venti!

    #8 - You and I were the SAME babysitter! I was highly sought after too! (i didn't count it as my first job though...)

    #13 - YES! Jumping and clapping DO go together - and usually a rather loudish YAY too!

  14. I'm with you on the movies and on Dutch Blitz! So fun :)

  15. AHHH!! I just caught up on your blog - CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BABY!!!!

  16. A peppermint mocha is always worth going grande.


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