Monday, January 11, 2010


Funny thing about blogging...lots of thoughts in my head equals zero posts.

Probably because all of the thoughts have beginnings, but haven't been totally worked through yet.
And the other thoughts...too boring or random to blog...even for me...yet I'll do it anyway.

  • Took the boys bowling for the first time. I know! They'd never been bowling. We're terrible parents. Happy to report I won both games. Turns out I bowl better with a preggo belly. The bad news: I'm still totally sore from it. Sore from bowling...good grief.
  • Started and finished (in the same day) Ted Dekkar and Frank Perreti's book House. Weird. Very weird. Turns out, a friend told me it's his worst (at her recommendation) I'm going to read Black next.
  • My kids were supposed to have their yearly dental check up last fall. We never made it. Now, with all my prenatal appointments and juggling everyone's schedules already driving me crazy, I've decided to wait until summer to take them to the dentist. Maybe that makes me a bad parent. Oh least they've been bowling now.
  • I hate winter in Iowa this year. I do. I've tried to look at the positive side of it, and well...I just can't find one. I think I need some more vitamin D.
  • I ran 1.8 miles on the treadmill the other day. It wasn't actually running, more like walking with a hop, but I'm totally counting it. The boys just stood and watched me for a few minutes, because the sight of it caught them by surprise. The sight of their pregnant mama in running gear was a little shocking to their systems.
  • Odie smells like rot. I'm not even kidding. He desperately needs a bath...and I desperately wish I was not the one who had to give it to him.
  • Wishing will not make him smell better...I've tried.


  1. Sometimes posts like this are my favorite :)

    I've read one book by Ted Dekker -- "Three" -- it was very suspensful, I couldn't put it down, and it had a CRAZY twist at the end BUT...weird. Very weird. It left me feeling unsettled for some reason. My brother-in-law has read the whole Black series and loves them but I haven't tried them.

    Oh, and you think being sore from bowling is sad? Try being sore from bowling on the depressing! :)

  2. Hello there sweet Sarah,Hope you are having a good day! I have never read any of these books.My grandaughter has been playing the wii, I did not know I could have so many sore places! I guess that comes with old age! LOL. Blessings, Faye

  3. Yeah, I'm pretty sure my son was supposed to go the dentist when his first tooth appeared....and so now I'm avoiding taking him becuase he has 8 TEETH...and I don't want to be heckled by the dentist for not bringing him in.

  4. Oh I laugh about Dentist and Doctor appointments. I never seem to make them anymore....Grrr...

    At least you are reading books. I mean that right there is worth more than I can say. I am an avid blog reader LOL. And yes jog hopping counts!

    Im sure you look marvelous!!!


  5. Best line: Odie smells like rot. That was hilarious!

  6. funny stuff my friend. funny stuff. you could have one of the boys video prego girl giving odie a bath. might be good.

  7. Well, if it makes you feel any better - my two year old's "well child" exam - never happened. She'll be three next week.

  8. you made me smile.

    ive been meaning to read ted dekker.. mary l. loves them.. i seen him talk once and weird was indeed the word.. :) ever since ive wanted to read..

    rot- would make a bad candle smell.

  9. Bowling while pg leads to many braxton hicks contractions! Trust me, I think I did it in at least 4 pregnancies! The last time I bowled, I found out I did better with a baby in my left arm to balance me out. (did you use bumpers?)

  10. I left you an award on Friday, because you make me smile. ;-)

    Hope you're having a good Monday. I'd just spray the dog with Febreeze and be done with it.


  11. Yeah, House, not my favorite Ted Dekker book. Some of his titles are just plain weird (Showdown, anyone?). But the Circle trilogy? Wonderful (as I already told you on that other social networking site!). As is Blessed Child.

  12. yup- i'm sure that taking them bowling totally cancelled out the whole not taking them to the dentist thing ;)

  13. I haven't read House, but I did listen to Black on CD. Strange, but interesting.

  14. So cute! My kids have not gone bowling either, unless Polar Bowler on the computer counts! :-)

  15. Wow!! 1.8 miles preggo is more than I can do not preggo!! You rock! The sun will come out again and it will get warm!!! Let's keep chanting this!!


  16. I loved Ted Dekker's books up to house....that's when his writing got a bit too dark for me.

    I loved black, red and white. but his early writings are really good..three, blink, this blessed child....

    my dog smells like rot too.

  17. I love posts like this. A glimpse into daily life, love it.

  18. Just wanted to say Hi

  19. I've gotta say, some of my best posts are still swimming around in my head. The problem is, if I leave them there too long, they simply melt away and I haven't a clue what I wanted to write. But it was going to be really good!

  20. I just wanted to say "hi"!
    I've been "lurking" for about a month now, last week I became a follower. I do enjoy your posts, but don't beat yourself up about getting busy... it happens.

  21. My mom never bowled in her life until she was 80 years old. So I don't think you're so terrible.


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