Monday, January 18, 2010

Upcoming Giveaway...

Can I just say that the de-lurking post blew. me. away!

83 comments and I didn't even give anything away. You made my day(s) and I'm going to start making the rounds to visit you. Yay for lurkers!

I do have a little preview of an upcoming give-away. Now, listen...I'm not giving it away yet...but it will be coming soon!

Lisa at The Preacher's Wife is going to be sending me her new book, You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes, that will be available February 1st!

Lisa's blog was one of the first I stumbled across when I began blogging. She runs the Married to the Ministry blogroll (which is a great way to find blogs written by wives of guys serving in all sorts of different ministry capacities.) As she was in the process of writing the book, she would occasionally put questions out there for ministry wives to share their opinions or experiences on. My opinions tend to outweigh my experience. But...

I'm even quoted in the book, during the round table discussions. I think that makes me a little bit famous. At least according to my low standards it does. Oooh...I could even give a copy to the tiny town library! Oh wait...I'm the only pastor's wife in tiny town. Three churches in town, one has a woman pastor, one has this pastor's wife, and the other doesn't even want to be called a church but rather an "assembly"...they don't like the term pastor either...I digress.

I had a point. The book, I'm quite sure, is going to be fantastic. And when it's available (February 1st) Lisa is gonna send me one to read, and one to give away.


And I'm going to give it away to you. And if you're not a pastor's wife, you can give it to your pastor's wife and then you will be her favorite parishoner (I never use that term, by the way. In real life I would say "lady in her church.")

There is something you can do in the meantime. LifeWay has an excellent description of Lisa's book and a super fun giveaway for you to enter your pastor's wife into. I checked it out (no, I did not nominate myself...I promise) but it is SUPER easy to enter her into, and trust me people...your pastor's wife deserves it. For real.

Did I mention I'm quoted in the book?

Excuse me while I go let God deal with my pride issues...

Happy Monday!!


  1. Sweet! I found your quote in the "free" chapter!

  2. Wow! That is soo cool that you are quoted...does that mean you are published? I mean I would take that as a yes!!!

  3. That is awesome that you are quoted....Can't wait to read it!

  4. you just got even cooler!!!! ha ha! really, that is so fun!!!!
    as your friend I can say that you are cool, but Christ shining thru you is even cooler.....beautiful really.

  5. That's awesome and that does make you quite famous! I can't wait to read her book. If I don't win one from you, I'll just have to buy it. ;-)


  6. You are fabulous Sarah! I've got your copy in my hands now and am ready to start mailing tomorrow..did I get your address already?

    Thanks for this great post and telling the girls about the contest. It's so fun and I can't wait to see who wins!

    (If y'all are Sarah's church people, SHE DESERVES A NOMINATION. And btw - a pw can be entered more than once as long as it's not by the same person..hint hint..:)

  7. thx for your nice comment!!

  8. You're quoted? How cool is that!! Can't wait to hear what you think of the book!

  9. You crack me up. I'm totally ADHD so following your blog is NEVER an issue for me... take that as a compliment. :-) I love how we roll.

    As that I am Catholic ~ I don't have a Pastor's Wife either. I have been known to hang with quite a few Presbyterian's and Lutheran's so if I won I am sure I could find a wonderful Pastor's Wife to give it to.

    Feeling like we need a little belly update - BTW - No pressure. :-)

  10. So cool! You definitely deserve to be nominated. You've done such a great job at growing into your role as PW and with grace, and honesty.
    I was recently quoted in a book published by our Organization and Bill teased me for earmarking the page and refering to it as "MY page". Can't wait to read the book.


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