Monday, February 22, 2010

It's a Two-Week Addiction...

I tried to stay away from the topic of the Olympics. I really have. Because once the flood gate opens, I may not be able to stop myself.

I love the Olympics dearly. I've recorded all of it...even the boring stuff. Sometimes I watch it super fast, but I still feel the need to watch it none the less.

It's my American duty.

I'm amazed at their commitment. And the winter Olympians, they are a special kind of crazy. Fearless. Inspiring.

Our whole family has gotten into it. Noah, our 8 year old is desperate to buy a snowboard after watching Shaun White. In the mean time, he's been sliding down the snow pile in the yard, while standing on his red sled. It's snowboarding tiny-town style. I need to video it.

Ben and I have become expert judges in all events, thanks to the information the commentators give us.

Snowboarding was the most entertaining. Downhill skiing and their crazy crashes they walk away from left me with my mouth open. Speed skating keeps me on the edge of my seat. The Luge and skeleton thingy makes me half cover my eyes in fear. And the Figure skating/ice dancing brings out my best judging abilities. *cough*

And the behind-the-scenes stories...suck. me. in.

Good times.

Last night though...last night was something new. Did you see the 2-man American bobsledding team?!? Did you? The one guy looks like a linebacker. Not the average Olympian physique...which made me want him to win all the more!

I'm gonna stop myself now. But don't you just love the Olympics?!? :)


  1. Oh the Olympics are such fun. I've blogged about them a couple of times as well!

  2. I do too! But I missed the bobsled team, darn....:)

  3. I love the Olympics! They are on ALL the time at my house. Go Canada!! (sorry, couldn't resist!)

  4. Oh no. I was afraid this was going to come up somewhere.

    Will you still be my friend if I confess that the Olympics hold no fascination for me? I haven't watched one second.

    (Slinking into corner.)

  5. I watch some I don't watch some. It just depends on the events. I will admit I for sure watch speed skating! I have a HUGE crush on Apollo Anton Ohno! *Swoon* I have even met him and got my picture taken with him and an autograph!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the OLYMPICS!! :) I wish I could watch them more often but with a 2.5 yr. old & a 6 mo. old I have to squeeze it in when I can. :) I love the background stories too!!

  7. Seriously, I love it.....and I can't wait til it's over so I can go back to my regularly scheduled sleeping pattern ;) This 11-11:30 business is CRAZY!
    I thought you meant the double luge when you were talking about the 2man bobsled :) That's kinda where I draw the line :P
    Seriously, short track speed skating. evan lysacek, like you said, background story....Its a good thing they don't run some infomercial for Olympic things...I' ;)

  8. Did you ever see the movie Cool Runnings? It's a true story about a Jamacian bobsled team. You would love it.

  9. Girl, I'm so with you! It's our Patriotic duty!!! If the tv's on during Olympic time, it's on the Olympics!!!
    When I saw the big guy jump out of the bob sled the other night, my exact words to my hubs was, "He doesn't really look like what you would expect for a bob sledder?"
    USA! USA! USA!

    I've been following Apolo Ohno on twitter, yes I have a problem.

  10. I think he played for Nebraska... really I think so... hum.

    You taped ALL of it. That rocks.

    My kids have the whimpy snowboards from walmart.. they are at my mom's house... you should go get them & like a bunch of sleds for the boys cause we are using them.. no really you should.. ;)

  11. I am totally into curling. I know many think it isn't a sport and I guess I would agree with them. It is more of a skill. I would say that skating is my least fav - hey! Don't throw things at me :}

    Really don't care for the sport that requires judges instead of refs or umpires :}

  12. Love love love. LOVE.

    And I'm with you on all the behind the scenes stories. Makes me cheer and weep all the more!

  13. I do LOVE the Olympics, especially the winter games. I think this year has been especially good...maybe it's just me.


  14. Love the winter Olympics! The summer, not so much...


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