Monday, April 19, 2010

Julie Goes to Prom!

Friday when I went to the Doctor, she offered to strip my membranes. She was pretty sure it would put me into labor this weekend. I declined. Now, before you go thinking I'm crazy, let me explain.
  1. I've gone that route before and it worked. Too well. Too fast.
  2. It was going to be beautiful last weekend for us and I wanted to just enjoy it.
  3. Julie had prom. How could I miss that?!?
I'm so glad I didn't. The weekend was full of beautiful weather and relaxing. Julie had a ton of fun at prom, and we had lots of fun watching all the couples arrive. Although the boys are still confused as to why anyone would ever want to get all dressed up like that. And Noah is quite ticked that the boy has to wear a tux that matches the color of the girls dress. He thinks the boy should get to pick the color too. He has a lot to learn... ;)
Blogger is totally messing with me and my pictures. I've tried all sorts of things, but for SOME reason it is making the pictures microscopic.

Except for this one. Which Julie is totally gonna love. I made them fake pose for this. At the time she said, "Are you taking a picture of my butt!?!" and I was like "No...well, yeah...sort of." ;) Someday...when she's hours away from birthing her 4th child, she'll look back at this picture and think...Dang, my butt looked good! So glad my host mom took that picture ;) I'm sure she will...

She was the most beautiful. And they were adorable together. (FYI: This is not the boyfriend from before. They broke up a couple months ago. I've resisted blogging about it because my joy seemed innappropriate at the may still be innappropriate ;) This is Nick, a friend from youth group. He seems like a nice kid. And, in my humble opinion *cough* had the best tux of the evening. He is from a different school, so it was very kind of him to escort our Julie...she in return gets to go to his prom in two weeks.

Maybe blogger is just trying to help me out by making the pictures smaller so that I look smaller. I guarantee you that in the real picture I in fact look huger than huge. But I can deal...because people we are counting down HOURS now till the little baby arrives!

Tomorrow (or eventually) I'll post the news! YAY!


  1. I am so glad you got to enjoy one last GORGEOUS weekend. The weather is simply divine lately, and Julie and her date are stunning.

    (And yes, I had my membranes stripped once too which made me miss my last weekend of calm before the baby arrived. You made the right decision.)

    Plus, it's all happening SO SOON anyway. SO SOON! I will be praying for you tomorrow morning. Safe, easy, fast delivery! Can't wait to hear.

  2. You are so right...she will def be thanking you for that butt shot!! What a thoughtful host mom you are! So glad you had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend... and looking forward to hearing the good news soon!

  3. I certainly wished I looked that good from behind :)

    Praying for a safe and healthy delivery for you!

  4. If my butt looked that good, I'd be all about photo shoots. I should have taken advantage of my seventeen year old body and gotten more full length pictures. That would allow me to just superimpose my face now. :-)

    Glad you are so close!!! You're in my prayers.


  5. Are you being induced tomorrow? Or did you do this post while in labor?!

    Have a wonderful delivery and we'll be waiting for pics!

  6. You know you're from Iowa when I wasn't thinking 'Whattanicebutt' but more like 'HOLY COW she's SO TAN!' :)

    Yay for baby day!! We'll be waiting with baited breath to hear the exciting news!!

    PS.....You should prep your post so that all you have to do is have Ben stick a pic of baby and you and....more the baby :) Just tryin' to be helpful :)

  7. I wish I had a pic of my butt at prom. 17 was a good year for my butt... and to think I thought I was fat... SHEESH...

  8. Love her dress!! And blogger just likes to mess with you some days!!!

    Can't wait to hear your good news!! Much luck!

  9. She is definitely beautiful from the tiny pictures you posted. Funny that the only one that's normal size is the one of her back (or butt). Whatever.

    Yay for the baby! Yeah, why don't you go ahead and have that baby tomorrow? The weekend's over.

  10. She looks beautiful!

    Congrats on baby #4. Blessings to you all!

  11. Seems like just yesterday that you were announcing that you were pregnant. Okay, well, maybe only for me it does! Many prayers for a quick, healthy delivery. :-) (And Blogger just messes up my spacing whenever I include a picture. What's with that, anyway?)

  12. I completely understand your decision to hold off on the delivery...I would have done the same. Love the photos...especially the one from the're so right about how that photo will look to Julie some years from now. = ) Something tells me the day she finds that photo, oh 10-20 years from now, she'll love you in a whole new way.

    Can't wait to hear about the arrival of Parsonage Baby #4! Praying for you and that precious little bundle of heaven.

  13. With my first born I was so ready to be done. I would have let them do anything and I was only a week over. Hormones never make you rational.

  14. I loved seeing these pictures!
    Her dress: AMAZING she loks like she is going to the Oscars.
    Her Date: SUPER cute. Looking dapper. Love that he doesn't go to the same school, how fun TWO proms!
    Julie: She is a stunning girl, and her smile lights up the room.
    Lady, you are looking FABULOUS with that belly! I can NOT wait to *meet* baby and hear about this birth story. GOOD luck.

  15. So exciting! Can't wait to meet your sweet babe.


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