Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Because...

During my pregnancy we pretty much kept our baby name choices secret. By the fourth kid I'd finally learned that sharing the name ahead of time, meant someone's opinion on it was going to annoy me. Greatly. And besides, surprises are fun...when I'm not the one being surprised.

Little Lucy Leyton (as Eli likes to refer to her) is nine days old today. Her name caught some by surprise. Many figured there must be a Lucy in the family...somewhere. There's not.

Many thought she'd have a Bible name. After all, we did have a trend going. Benjamin, Sarah, Noah, Eli, Jakob...apparently we've made Lucy the heathen of the family. Oh I kid.

Truth be told, the Bible name trend had nothing to do with picking Bible names and everything to do with the fact that they were just names Ben and I liked and could agree on.

Sure, I like that Noah obeyed God even though he must have looked like a lunatic to everyone else. And I love that even though Eli thoroghly messed up with his own sons, God gave him a second chance with Samuel and he got it right. Jakob...honestly, off the top of my head I don't know that much about the biblical Jacob. I've like the name Jake since the movie Sixteen Candles and Sweet Home Alabama. Aren't I spiritual? Ben liked Jacob, so we compromised with Jakob. What can I say, it's the stuff successful marriages are made of.

Ben and I liked Lucy from the start. There were other choices, but from the moment we saw that ultrasound and knew she was a girl, we also knew she was a Lucy. (Regardless of the fact that we have two sets of friends who have dogs names Lucy.) Turns out though, that Lucy (in Greek) means light. I love that. There are so many Bible verses that speak of light. God's word is light for us, as believers we are to be a light. (I'll share the specifics in another post.)

And, for my baby girl, the thing I pray the most, is that she would grow to love God's Word. That He would be the light for her path. That she would know Him so intimately that she would shine brightly with His love and truth.

And her middle particular reason except that I liked it, and I liked how it sounded with Lucy. Fascinating story, no? People keep asking about it, expecting a great, meaningful reason for the blurting out that I just like it seems to disappoint. I'm close to just making up some ridiculous story. Suggestions?

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  1. No suggestions...but my youngest...10 yr span...I named Lydia and didn't consider she was a significant biblical person... I just liked it...but Lydia does milk it at

  2. I think your name for Lucy is Perfect and since you love it, it needs no explanation.

  3. I don't have a suggestion for a good story about her name but I wanted to let you know that I can totally relate to that whole "my kid has the same name as my friends dog" thing. My middle daugther M -- it seems like we know 3 or 4 people whose dog has the same name.....

  4. Just tell people Lucille Ball is a distant cousin... hee, hee...

    I think the name is adorable.

  5. oh gosh you are funny! do you want to know what daniel did with it? I will have to tell you in a email so as to not offend anyone! *smile* he is a Paulsen/Ep**y!

  6. I know two Lucy's and they are both sweet as pie -- I think you picked well :)

  7. You don't need a reason. Your child, you get to name it.
    At least they didn't say "Oh, I get it" like your child's name was a punch line to a joke, or "how could you name such a beautiful baby such a hideous name." I got both of those.

  8. We hardly ever have a reason either - beyond, "Well, we liked it and it was the only name we could both agree on."

    I love Lucy Leyton. It's poetic in a saucy way.

  9. I have always liked old fashioned names. So I think Lucy is wonderful. BTW how is the breast feeding thing going?


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