Saturday, April 24, 2010

They Think I'm Stupid...

Well, this is random, but...

Today in the mail, we got a letter from the car dealer where we purchased our mini van five years ago.

The letter informed us that they have a high demand for 2003 Dodge Caravans, and they'd love for us to come in and trade ours. Along with the offer was a $500 dollar incentive.

Are you kidding me?

Do they really think I'm dumb enough to think that people are flocking through their doors begging for a 2003 minivan that's been driven by a mama to 3 boys for the past five years?

Get real.

And a measly $500 incentive? They're gonna have to do better than that to get me to give up my minivan that I'm strangely attached to.

They'll also need to send me an apology for insulting my intelligence. *wink*


  1. How DARE they? :-) Pretty funny. I can't imagine my life without my van. Even though my kids are getting bigger I doubt I will even consider something other that another van. In a car there is just too much touching.

  2. I KNOW THE FEELING! Somehow I'm attached to the soda stain on the back seat! Not happy at all when it happened, mind you, but attached now! Crazy mama, what can I say?

  3. That is hilarious! I can't imagine that marketing works!

  4. This post so makes me laugh...thanks for sharing! Sweet blessings!

  5. He he. I would have probably fallen for it.

  6. Maybe if they up the incentive you could get a "Jack Bauer" car. Think the first 7 seasons. I am not thrilled with the ones they are driving this season :-)

  7. Heh. Those crazy dealers can't fool you!

    The Lucy photos are perfection. What a peanut!

  8. That is too funny because we got the same letter plus a phone call from our dealership about our Mitsubishi Montero. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! BTW, I haven't been reading blogs like I used to so I was just wondering if you are still using the House that Cleans itself system.


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