Monday, May 10, 2010

To My Long Lost Readers...

I haven't blogged since last Monday. Yikes. It was a busy week...throw in some sleep deprivation from a newborn and ya get no blogging.

And because no amount of coffee is going to lift that fog, I give you bullet points.

  • Our internet went down yesterday. I spent quite a long time on the phone with our service provider in hopes that they could fix it. They couldn't. She told me to consult my computer professional. Which would be my brother Ryan. And THEN (after texting Ryan about my dire circumstance) I went over to see if the wireless router was plugged into the wall...and it WAS NOT! And then I fixed it. YAY me! Note to Qwest: the next time I call, you should in fact treat me like an idiot and ask if it is plugged into the wall. Problem solved.
  • Little Lucy is a little bit naughty at night-time. Apparently the Moses Basket that she spends countless hours a day napping in, is not good enough at night time. She wants to snuggle in my arms. Which is precious. And annoying all at the same time. But man, is she cute.
  • The adorable pictures at the top were taken by my friend Sarah. So the "Captured by Sarah" is not me. I wish it were...I also wish the PICTURES WERE BIGGER AND THAT BLOGGER WOULD JUST COOPERATE WITH ME! She took so many good ones, and I'll work on getting them posted soon, because you really will want to see a size that you don't need a magnifying glass for. Blogger better get it's act together in the mean time...or else. ;)
  • It's hair cut day today. I had debated letting it grow out a little more, because it's already several inches longer than it was (thanks to hormones and preggo vitamins.) And then I remembered that I really don't like my hair that long and so today, the inches are coming off. If only a haircut could also take away about 30 pregnancy pounds with it...
  • I've had lots of emails asking how nursing is going...remember that post? I'm happy (and amazed) top report that it's going really well!! Lucy is a natural at it...and thanks to you and your comments (and my nurse-friend Stephanie) I'm much better prepared this time around. But...
  • Lucy will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. I'm gonna wait another week and start mostly walking/jogging. I'm so anxious to get back to running, I miss it terribly. But, the thought of running with "these nursing machines" I currently have makes me cringe in pain a little. Any tips other than binding my sports bra even tighter with massive amounts of duct tape?!? Seriously. Help me.
Well, I think that's more than enough information to process for one day. :)


  1. Lucy is perhaps the cutest baby ever! You are a runner? After many many years of delay...I am back to running...slow and not far...but making progress.. good luck getting out there again!

  2. Sarah - I love the pictures so much! Saw them on facebook and adored them.
    I'm really glad to hear that nursing is going well! And yeah - duct tape is always an option... You could try nursing RIGHT before you go out for a run - maybe even pump after that so that you are as empty as possible. :)
    You may already know this - but a little bloggy tip for pictures - if you go into your "settings" and then "basic" scroll down to "select post editor" and select "updated editor". Once you have done that when you post pictures you will get options for posting them small, large, or extra large.

  3. I can tell, even from these little photos, that Lucy is SOOO perfectly adorable. I could just eat her up!

  4. She is beautiful and precious, I guess it would be impoossible to NOT let her sleep nestled in your arms! ;)
    I have to say, you are a trooper! Asking for info on breastfeeding before you actually needed it so you were prepared, and now running, yeah, I don't know how you do it. My boobs hurt so bad, I wouldn't let anyone LOOK at them let alone try running. You GO girl.
    I have been very random in posting blogs and I don't have a newborn at home so this is me giving you about a million yards of slack! hee hee.

  5. She is beautiful, Sarah! So glad it is going well.

    Try nursing right before you go, and also you may want to try wearing 2 sports bras.

  6. Wear two bras. I'm not kidding. You can't control the bouncing in just one bra, no matter how magnificent it is. One cannot do the job of two. It's a bit constricting, but breathing gets easier after a little while. :) Trust me, it pays off on the run. But you may need Ben to help you out of them, as it's a bit tight. :)

  7. She is adorable!!! I have 30 pounds to lose, and no pregnency to blame!! ha! It will melt off of you....:)

  8. Love the photos! Glad nursing is going well. Don't take this the wrong way, but are you crazy? You wanna run??? I'd milk at least six weeks worth of not running out of a labor and delivery. Yes, I am lazy...worse than you could imagine.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  9. She is so beautiful!! God is so amazing!!

  10. Awwww-she looks like a little pea in the pod!!! The nursing will help get those pounds off quickly. The tenderness should ease up...I'm with the other ladies, try nursing right before you go for a run.

  11. Your absence is completely understandable -- you've got 3 boys and a newborn, after all :)

    Those pictures are adorable -- Sarah is awesome, isn't she?

    And MAN! I'm super impressed that you feel like running so soon after giving birth! Of course, I never feel like running so that might be why :)

  12. Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see them larger!

    As for running... I suggest at least 2 sport bras... one very tight fitting. That is what I have done in the past...

    And a heads up, if you do a ton of exercising, it can reduce your milk supply, so just be on the look out for that.

  13. Awww she's sooo beautiful! Congrats! I've been talking about needing iv drip lines of coffee, but no one seems to understand. Hopefully you do! lol

    Glad to read nursing is going well.

    Regarding the walking/jogging... as a previous leisure jogger/runner- who is now 7/8 weeks post-partum I STILL have not been cleared for exercising and would recommend you not take it too far... just incase.

    My SECOND ob/gyn appt is tomorrow. God I pray I get cleared- because pre-prego clothes are too small, maternity-wear is too big.

    Good luck with those nights!

  14. Lucy just looks so sweet and totally adorable.... as do all your children. Hope Lucy starts to like night-time better... We need you blogging! :)

  15. Lucy is adorable!!! Everyone had great tips! Just wanted to add that the "fullness" feeling will go away soon and then it should be easier to run...I nursed both of my kiddos for the first year, and after the first couple months, you don't feel full when you haven't nursed for awhile as much. Your body kind of adjusts.

  16. Glad to hear that the nursing is going well. It never worked for me. I'd wait for the doc's okay before I started running and agree that wearing two sports bras is the best bet.

  17. It's been awhile since I've commented...but I still follow along! As far as nursing and running...I started training for my first half marathon last summer when my daughter was a few months old - I'm guessing 3-4 a little older than little Lucy. BUT - through all of my training and when I ran the race, I was always sure to nurse her as close right before running as possible. I never had any problems. Best to you!

  18. Lucy is a GORGEOUS baby! I'm so happy for you :}

    As for the bra thing.....try I bought their "no bounce" bra and they are not kidding!! They keep my double D's well under control and thus I no longer get black eyes when I run ;}

  19. Oh how I love her in that green blanket! She's soooo cute.

    Ditto to what everyone else has said, get a heavy duty sports bra or double up and nurse before you go.

    Did I ever tell you the story about running after Everly was born? The gym I belong to has mirrors in front of the treadmills. Not only could I FEEL the bounce, I could SEE it. Not pretty.

  20. um, come run with me, you will not even notice your bounce----when you see mine flop around like dead cats and eventually knock me out.

    just sayin.


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