Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It Can Wait...

It's raining here today.  

I need to clean this house.

But there's a Little Miss. that wants to snuggle her mama...

Look at those cheeks...

Irresistible, no?!?

Lucy is 7 weeks old today...the house will wait...the baby won't.

Don't worry, I'll give her a smooch for you.


  1. Those cheeks. Definitely smooch-worthy! Enjoy today.

  2. Absolutely. It's raining here today. Enjoy the snuggles. (And maybe you'll get a long nap this afternoon when you can sneak in a little cleaning. Then you have the best of both worlds.)

  3. Oh my what a doll! Yes the house will wait...mine has for many many years...someday it will be spotless! (gag)

  4. Oh my... She's perfect.

    Thanks for the reminder by the way. :) I have all kinds of stuff over here that will wait too...

  5. She is just so beautiful.. She has changed so much in 7 weeks!! Snuggling is best in the rain.. & she is compeletely irresistable!

  6. So smoochable! And she looks bigger! Crazy how fast they grow!

  7. Lucy is Gorgeous! I abolutely love those cheeks!

    Housework will keep . . . this stage of her life won't . . .

  8. Awwww...that makes me want to have a little baby of my own! Now I just need find someone who will be pregnant for me. ;-)


  9. I agree, tell them dust bunnies to have another party cause there's a babe to be snuggled!

  10. Enjoy your snuggle time... she is so sweet.

  11. Me and my 15 yo hung out this afternoon sitting together on the loveseat watching a movie. LOVE. IT!

    I would love to zerbert her cheeks :}

  12. Not only are her cheeks extra-kissable, but her hair must be so tempting to play with.

    You are a woman with wise priorities!


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