Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The View I Love the Most

The other night, probably close to 9:00, I stepped out our front door to let Gus out.  I happened to turn around and get a glimpse of my home from the outside, with the lights all on, curtains open.  And it made me smile.

For a moment, I got to look in on my life, and its a good view.

Sure, it involves some chaos and mayhem.  Smelliness.  Imperfections.   All of which make it pretty great.

And then it reminded me of a country song.  Because I can pretty much come up with a country song for every memory I have...they just work like that.

And like it says...I see what beautiful is about
                          when I'm looking in...not when I'm looking out.
I'll never beat the view, of my front porch looking in.


  1. I love that song. Thanks for sharing your heart from a different point of view. Blessings, SusanD

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  2. Beautiful :) And I love that song too- haven't heard it in awhile.

  3. Awesome perspective-sometimes we have to step outside the box and look in to see how great our life really does look.

  4. So lovely. That's God-given contentment, defined.

    I had a similar experience several years ago. We were out looking at Christmas lights, going to spectacular neighborhoods with ornate displays. We drove all over the place.

    When we finally pulled into our driveway after a long but fun night, I looked at our humble strings of lights and was suddenly struck by how it was the most beautiful place I'd seen all night.

  5. I know exactly what you mean! There have been so many times that I have stepped outside when my family didn't know, and looked through the window at a distance, just so I could catch a glimpse of my life! I love it!

    Sweet pictures!

  6. I try not to peep when I am out on my walks, but you do have such an inviting view into your home! I am happy to be one who has felt the warmth of your home as well!

  7. I like that perspective too! & of course...a country song! ;)

  8. I've actually thought the same myself when I've gone outside at night. That's why I like candles, and rice lights and little lamps -- all the things that make a house look homey. Okay, this is 2 comments in one day and usually I only blog/facebook "stalk":)

  9. I like that song too and yes there is always something special about looking at your place and knowing it is where the ones you love reside. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  10. An interesting view I have never considered.

    But I'm more in love with the idea that someone else can also correlate a song to a memory! That's like heaven language for me. lol


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