Thursday, August 5, 2010


Last night, during midweek church, Noah doodled this picture.  

It's his interpretation of the first day of school...five years from now.


Oh kid.  He cracks me up.  He's a stickler for details.  

However, what's up with my hair-do in five years!?!

It's the first time he's drawn my profile with boobs.  *sniff*  He's growing up.  Don't tell him I told you. *smile*


  1. Okay, now that's funny. You need to keep that and give it back to him framed on his high school graduation.

  2. 1. I'm guessin' the mullet will be back in style 5 years form now - because it appears that is what you are sporting. And if you have a mullet - than it is in style!

    2. Gotta love nursing boobs.

    3. I almost teared up when I saw little Lucy walking and talking in the picture.

    4. That Noah is something else!

    5. Look at Eli "swacking" his face

    6. Love this!

  3. cracks me up! that is hysterical!

  4. I love kid drawrings! (drawings.)
    I take pictures of nearly all of my kiddos and then make a art book at the end of the year that I give them for birthdays.

  5. You really should save this for the first day of school, 2015. It's priceless.

  6. I love it...your hair is a combo of Happy Days meets Marge should be proud! I am just laughing over here at how cute that is!!!

  7. Haha!! That is so dang funny! By the way, no, no one ever tells me Angelo looks like me.....they all call him Mini I'm glad you noticed!! I think he has some of my features! Wonder what the new one will look like!

  8. I'm thinking that's a baseball cap, not hair.

    So funny. I love getting these from my youngest.

  9. First of all, he is very artistically talented! It's a great drawing.

    Second, I do believe his handwriting is much neater than mine even when I try to be neat. Good for him :)

  10. That's very cute/hilarious! :)

  11. oh my goodness!

    i love every inch of it!!!!

  12. That will be something that will be precious to show him when he's grown. I just found your blog and would like to follow along if that's OK. Mine is called The Simple Life and can be found at and email is I am in NC like to share recipes and my family activities. You are welcome at my site any time.

  13. I love Lucy with a little ponytail. How precious is that! :)
    And yeah, so far, I've not been drawn with the upper anatomy. However, my little one did ask me the other day if those were my "big muscles". I said yes of course.

  14. oh my! precious, cute and funny all wrapped up in one!

    maybe he's clued into the boob thing since you're nursing?

  15. That is so cute! Although the boobs thing is kind of sad. :-( Why do they grow up so fast?

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  17. Oh my gosh-that is the cutest picture ever. I love the "Cool yo" and the picture with Mommy as a WOMAN! Funny!


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