Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kind of a Boring Update...

I probably have 5 minutes before Little Miss Lucy decides her can-it-really-even-be-called-a-nap-because-it's-so-stinkin'-short "nap" is over.  Let's see how much I can cram in.

  1. It's my mom's birthday today.  She's 51.  I only tell you this, because she loves to point out everyones ages...and she always makes me a year older than I really am.  (that sentence will make her smile:)  Happy Birthday Mom!!  Love you.
  2. Boys are all back in school and enjoying it.  
  3. Lucy turned 4 months.  She's 13 pounds.  Which makes her 2 pounds smaller than Eli and Jake were at this age, and 6 pounds smaller than Noah was.  Her and Jake both had their check-ups/shots yesterday.  They both did great.  Dairy Queen was involved as a bribe.
  4. Her smile that will make you want to eat her up:
Of course blogger would choose to not rotate my picture today.

5.  Running (post pregnancy) was...lets say...miserable feeling for awhile.  I just didn't feel like doing it.  And although I've kept at it, much whining was involved.  But this week, I think I've turned a corner, both physically and mentally.  Pushing through the 4-mile wall of torture feels like a breakthrough.  After that wall, the rest of the run doesn't feel quite so bad.  For this week anyways. 
6. I have succumbed to drinking regular pop again.  I know, I know...I'm so weak.  Worse yet, I don't even care about its high fructose corn syrup.  I'll leave you with that super exciting piece of info...and speaking of pop, I could use one right about now...

I made it through 6 things and Lucy is still sleeping!  Wheee!

So, what's new with you?  Tell me what I've missed.


  1. Ok, so I miss your updates!
    1 - Lucy is so cute!
    2 - Can't believe how big the boys are!
    3 - Pop? I am ashamed.... What about coffee?!?!?
    4- How many miles are you currently running...I mean running through the 4 mile torture, what about mile 2?!?!?
    5 - What are your motivations on the running, I clearly need tips and help since I have lost my running buddies...!!!! :)
    Ok, I have said my peace! Have a good day! :) lol

  2. See Sarah, you did a lot more than you thought you would and it was not boring. A lot of sadness in the blog world. One of my followers had her husband to die suddenly and another that I follow in GA had her father comit suicide last week. About 2 weeks back another one I follow, his brother was changing his 5 month old daughter and dropped dead of an anurism. A lot of people are hurting. Hope you have a great week.

  3. Oh I wish SO much I could run 4 miles! WAY to GO!!!

  4. Are you kidding? How could an update be boring with that smile?

    I'm simultaneously dreading and excited about starting up an exercise routine again once the kids go back to school (2 weeks from today). It is SO needed. I'm tired of looking at my postpartum body in a swimsuit. But still. Ugh. It will hurt. I'm more out of shape than I even want to acknowledge.

  5. I keep trying to get into the running thing... I like it in theory, I just can't make myself truly like it. Your my running hero. :)

  6. I have never liked running but admire those of you who can.

    My baby is walking! I posted a video.


  7. Now, Lucy is just adorable with a capital A!!

    So glad the boys are enjoying school. That is terrific!

    I admire anyone that runs! I've been a treadmill walker for 20+ years and that's as close to running as it's gonna get for this "momma." :o)

    Blessings for a wonderful week and Happy Birthday to your Momma!

  8. When you mentioned Pop my thoughts drifted back to days when the garage fridge was stocked full of TAB, Squirt, Strawberry Shasta and A&W root beer...*sigh* I miss me some pop.
    I love Lucy's grin, you must have offered her some of you pop!?

  9. Look at that super cute smile!! Can't believe four months has went by and you're already running four miles...hope I do as well! Check out my blog for elmo birthday photos.

  10. your lucy is just precious!

    i've gotten over the whole high fructose corn syrup thing too. I've had 4 cokes already today.

    yay for you and your running! that's great. i still plan on trying this one day *snort*

  11. She is just too cute!! I cannot not smile back at her!

  12. Lucy is ADORABLE!

    After running 4 miles, you deserve the whole dang bottle of pop!!! Enjoy.

  13. She is just adorable!!! And you are doing awesome!! Can't even run four miles let alone with a 4 month old baby!!

    You go girl!

  14. I'm sorry - but once I read the part about running 4 miles, all the other words I read before that just sort of disappeared. You are a beast. How, oh how, do you do it? I like to run during two seasons. Spring and Fall. Summer is just deadly and even sitting in the shade is unbearable. I mean, running 4 miles, 4 months after having a baby... you are a beast. :)

    As for what you've missed, you'll just have to come and read to find out... ;)

  15. I haven't checked in for a while. Lucy is SO CUTE! You're right, that smile makes you want to eat her up. Just wanted to tell you..my daughter was the "must be attached to mom at all times" type, and NO ONE else would do. It was exhausting. She took tiny naps, too. So I know what it's like. I survived it. She's about to turn 30!! (And I'm only 37.)


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