Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Moving On...

Last week was one of those horrible, ugly, can't-wait-till-it's-over kind of weeks.

I had strep.  Jake had strep.  Blah blah blah.  We're all glad to move on from it.

I have a deadline looming over my head for some ministry related projects...which is a fancy way of saying I've procrastinated until the last possible minute and if I don't get my butt in gear and write/mail some letters no one will show up to our Wed. night kids program or ladies Bible study because they won't even know it's started yet.

More later...


  1. Sorry for the illness but hopefully you are on the mend and can meet your schedule for the project. Summer is a rough time to be sick for sure.

  2. I've had those weeks! Yuck! So glad you're doing better. Always remember, tomorrow is another day!

  3. Why do you think I'm reading blogs? Procrastinating....

  4. Yuck on the strep! My husband, my mom, and 5 of the kids had strep in the past 3 weeks. Nasty, prolific stuff. I hope it didn't jump to anyone else in your family.

    I also hope the work you need to complete is finished quickly and easily.

  5. Ummm, no worries, girl. You're not the only one with many-a-projects hanging over your head. And here I sit...

    Glad you're all on the up and up!

  6. Glad ya'll are feeling better!

    Can't wait to see what ministry related projects you're working on... you're going to share your wisdom, right? :)

  7. Total empathy with the strep...that silly stuff has a direct line to this mom! UG!
    Hope you get all the ministry things accomplished this week! It's certainly go time here too!

  8. So I'm just finally catching up on reading your blog. I'm so sorry you guys have been sick, yucko!

    And LUCY! Holy cow she's changing. What a sweet little pumpkin.

  9. Hey!
    We all have strep too!!!!!


  10. I just read your blog today, I am soooo far behind on blogging!!!
    Anyway, I can so totally relate to the ministry projects not being completed until the last minute. I just love your blog. It reminds me so much of our ministry life. Our children are now 14, 12, and 8. I love the hectic but yet simplicity of of your life. I can relate!


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