Friday, October 8, 2010

Before & After

So, after I posted that pic of Jake on the table the other day, I noticed how shabby the material on my chairs looked.  It's been three years or so since I last covered them.

They started like this (3 years ago):  Boring and stained from my kids.

And then they looked like this:  Now faded, but great pattern and colors for hiding stains.

Yesterday I decided to hit the fabric store, and found some cute new stuff to fit better with my latest color scheme (while still hiding stains.)  Meet the new stuff:

Jake informed me he hates the new ones.  This, from the kid who made a hat this morning and then hung out outside while I staple-gunned my heart out inside.

I think Lucy loves the new look, no?

Happy Friday Friends!!


  1. I love them! -And I agree, Lucy definitely gives her approval. ;)

  2. It's funny -- I had looked at your picture of Jake on the table and was admiring your seat cushions. I really like the new ones too! I'd love to know where you find the time with four kids to be spontaneously crafty. You go, girl!

  3. Love the new fabric! Super cute!

  4. ADORABLE! Makes me want to paint my walls and recover my chairs too! I' hoping that will happen before christmas...we'll see.
    Love love love the fabric uber cute.

  5. Big improvement over the other fabric. Good job.

  6. Super cute! It looks like lil' miss Lucy has rubbed some of her hair off.

  7. love it!!! they look may have just inspired me!


  8. LOVE your chairs! So, SO CUTE!!!!

  9. Love the new material on the chairs! And Lucy is so adorable!

  10. Very cute fabric!! And that hat is awesome, too!


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