Monday, October 18, 2010

Behind the Pictures...

 We took a little day trip.  

Looks picture perfect, doesn't it?  I smiled as I uploaded these to facebook last night, and thought to myself, man I love pictures.  

They capture what I want them to capture.  The fun, the smiles, just the right lighting to flatter (because of course I deleted the others.)  What I'm left with is what I want to remember.  Because truthfully, there's parts I'd like to forget.  Like...

The huge ordeal it was just to get everyone going that morning.  The whining about where we were going, and what we were doing, and how long it would take to get there...and of course they're hungry, because they're always hungry.  The game, between brothers in the back seat of the van, called Don't Flinch.  It's all fun and games till one really doesn't flinch and technically wins, the lucky winner ends up with a fist in his eye because the other brother thought he'd flinch. Tears.  Spilled pop at the restaurant, crawling under the booth, numerous trips to the bathroom.  Oh yeah, I forgot batteries for the camera.  Big long *sighs* where Ben and I look at each other and smile (weakly) and try to encourage each other that yes, yes indeed this is family fun.  Because, the time, there were lots of moments where it didn't feel like a whole lot of fun.

Did I mention how glad I am that pictures are silent?  Because I am.

And the time always comes, like last night...where I sit back, and look at the pictures and smile (an extra big smile when I get to delete the unflattering ones and pretend I never really look like that *cough*) Because all of the craziness really is part of the fun.  Not so much at the time, but later.  Looking back.  But in the moment, I forget that.  In the moment, I'm very annoyed that my kids can't get along, and need to be reminded 1,000 times to just STOP PESTERING EACH OTHER, and can't be more grateful for how wonderful their dad and I are for braving the outing in the first place.  Am I right?!?  Oh, I'm right alright.

Right and ridiculous.  

I'm not sure I'll ever get to the point where I enjoy the craziness in the moment.  Maybe I will.  But I know one thing, I always smile looking back on it.  


  1. The cool thing is.. one day when your precious kids look back at these pics they will not remember the craziness, they will remember time spent with family... at least that's what I keep telling myself. :) Your a good Mama, Sarah.... I don't think I could have endured that hike with a baby attached to my body.

  2. LOVE this ... and another reason I too, LOVE pictures!

    Blessings to you this nice FALL week! :)

    ** Take some more pictures ... it makes all "right" in the world :)

  3. So, so true. I will tell you, only to make you feel better (okay and also to make me feel better) but it seems like it almost always happens like that with us too, when we're feeling brave and brash enough to venture out.

  4. hahaha! So true and right! What a great post Sarah! I also look at old pics of my boys sweetly hugging one another and remember what is took to get them to do that. Or what happened immediately after the pic was snapped!
    And you saw the good in the day by that same evening right? Don't beat yourself up for not enjoying the chaos while experiencing it, you got close enough! right?

  5. Oh and Rachelle, actually they DO recall the bad stuff. Recently my grown sons were looking at a sweet pic of them when they were little and laughing about how one got a bloody nose soon after the pic! I had totally forgotten that part.
    But it was a fun memory to them....boys!

  6. So true! I'm learning to manage the crazy and reeeeally enjoy the peaceful times!
    On Saturday, our kids were playing outside and I was reading "You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes"...I got to page something or other and saw your name and started yelling, "Hey, hey, it's her...I know her...come look!" SO two 4 year olds and a seven year old tried to humor me about my bloggy friend whose name and quote were in a book! I don't think they quite caught my excitement, but they did try! Such an awesome book! Thanks for the tip to read it! I'm totally keeping it in my purse so if I ever run into you, you can autograph that page! :)

  7. I heard of a photo book that you do for a month, so recently I decided to go for it. I took at least one picture everyday for a month (I did it in Sept and called it Remember September). For me I only have one 9 month old baby but it was fun just to see the normal things we do everyday.

  8. It's as if you live in my house or have ridden in my overflowingly messy minivan.... YES, I can 100% relate... so often I think, "why did we do this?" "is this fun" but then at home looking at the pics or thinking back, I smile and remember the good parts!

  9. Oh my gosh love it, this was like reading a day in my life. Well, probably my life a few years ago. Now I struggle to get my girls to do family outings at all with us because they are older and have their own social agenda. You so made me smile today. Thank You!!!

  10. Bless you for tackling this outing and it really does look as though your family made some fun memories.

    Enjoyed sharing in the fun outing and wishing for you a wonderful week!

  11. Haha! So true!
    -And I love your orange moby. :) Lucy is delicious.

  12. I had never thought about it quite this way, but this is totally perfect!! Maybe why I love pictures so much! I am always just hoping that my kids only remember the good parts and not all the arguments and fussing!!


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