Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun & Not Fun

In a Nutshell (since my last post)...

  • I had a birthday.  33 feels just fine so far.
  • Christmasses  (that's not a typo,)t's the new word for the never-ending celebrations of food and presents...what?  you haven't heard of it?  yeah, me either.
  • We have entered the world of (red) Wii and Netflix.  Both are fairly amazing.  Oh, and Just Dance...which I remain undefeated in so far ;)
  • Days before Christmas we found out that Noah's good buddy Tate's cancer has returned, and this time there is not much that can be done.  It's devastating, I don't know how else to say it.  Please pray for Tate, as he's in a lot of pain, and for his family...because how do you prepare to say goodbye to your child?  Devastating.

Noah and Tate

  • Thanks for your prayers bloggy friends.


  1. praying for this little guy and his family. I just watched a friends family say goodbye to their little girl over the holidays....yes, devastating.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about another child with cancer! Bless Tate's little heart! Will add him to our prayer requests.

    Lovin' wii (black) too! Just trying out a few of the games . . . the kids seem to love it.

    BTW, Happy Birthday!!!

  3. I will be praying for Tate! Just tonight Mathew West was in our neighboring town to give a concert in honor of little Dax Locke (the little boy from Mathew's song One Last Christmas). He went to be with Jesus 1 year ago today. He was 2.

    I am sure that Tate and his family would love to have another Christmas together....

  4. praying for God's intervention for Tate...!!

  5. I thought I need to go back to your blog and pray for Tate:
    Father, you are almighty! We trust in you!
    We pray that your divine healing will touch Tate and heal him completely. Nothing is impossible for you, God. You're the best doctor. You love Tate and his family so much. We pray for this miracle to happen and for a big testimony.
    For your glory and for the greatest joy of this family.
    pls keep us posted.

  6. Will be praying for Tate and his family. Have really enjoyed following your blog since june and look forward to all your posts in the new year. God bless you, your family and your church in the new year.

  7. Oh honey, that stinks. I know the pain of cancer and I'm praying for everyone involved.


  8. Sarah--I just found your blog. Love it! As a fellow parsonage dweller, you can count on me to be stopping by frequently in 2011. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  9. I've been thinking about and praying for Tate and his family so much since I found out the news... It breaks my heart and I don't know the little guy. Please keep us posted.


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