Tuesday, December 7, 2010


 My last post may have sounded a little more scrooge-like than I intended.  I do in fact like Christmas. :)  I would, however,  enjoy it even more, if it involved more days like today, and about 98% less materialism.  

But today, today was nice.  Really nice.

I'm working on our Christmas program for church, and addressing Christmas cards.  I love both.   I'm also on a strict diet...of cookies.  

It's the most wonderful time of the year.


  1. Oh my gosh, Lucy is seriously so cute. And those cookies look yummy, where's mine? Guess I'll have to go bake my own.

  2. Our church had a cookie walk with all proceeds going to the Benevolent Society which does so much for the needy in our area. Anyway, I felt compelled to buy 5 boxes of cookies. I gave each of my kids an empty box and said "go to town." I'm on the cookie diet too. Charity is making me fat.

  3. What a cheerful baby Lucy! Love all your Christmas cheer and decorations! I agree...materialism can leave...cookies can stay! :)

  4. goodness ... that first picture ... PRECIOUS!!

    And I loved your post on Friday ... LOVED it!! :)

  5. All the pictures were great and demonstrates how happiness looks. Hang in there girl.

  6. I love your diet! And I see you've managed to not eat all of those stars "raw", but saved a few to grace those cookies.

    That Lucy smiling behind her paci just melts me.

    And I smiled at the Starbucks ornament, thinking, 'of course'. :)

  7. your last post got people thinking! and re-thinking. and that is good. traditions and presents are insanely fun. and fine. but someone told me to day that they refused to do Santa with their kids as they just didn't want it to take away attention from Christ's birth. THAT is the danger. have fun but don't let it all rob us of what we can find as an even greater blessing in focusing on HIM! traditions are an identity to us and we guard and protect them, but they have to have the right place. that is all you were saying and you said it very well. I was soooo blessed by you sharing your heart. lately I am too guarded and emotional to put out there all the things I am feeling. go girl. love you.

  8. Sounds like my kinda diet! Love the pictures!

  9. Adorable pics!
    I've been feeling a bit grinch-like myself lately! So thanks for your honesty!

  10. I think that you ARE finding the important and meaningful moments of Christmas as you stop and take these cute pics!
    Good job, enjoy the craziness because it gets quiet later when the kids are grown.

  11. Oh. My. Word. Lucy is a doll. When I saw her picture, was it wrong of me to think of Holly Hunter's quote from "Raising Arizona" when she asked Nicholas Cage to "Get me that baby, Hyde."

    I just want to kiss her cheeks.

  12. adorable. adorable. adorable.

    and i think i'm gonna try your strict diet :D


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