Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winner and Terrible Song

We have a winner!  Gretchen @ is. YOU!  (email me your address:)

I'm a little giddy about this because she is one of my favorite bloggers.  I always leave Lifenut completely amused by her writing style.  And her.  And her family.  Well, you get the idea.  

And, in honor of her win, and this post that has kept me thinking of terrible Christmas songs all week long....I give you the Christmas song I desperately despise, with all my heart. And after my few years of working retail, back in my early 20's, (which was not when this song was new, by the way!)  I can honestly say I've heard it 1.2 million times.  

Enjoy.  *cough*  



  1. YES, definitely a well chosen "terrible Christmas song", it's up there with "Santa Baby"!

  2. So are you a Glee girl? I am totally hooked on Glee... and they DID THIS SONG this week... funny I 'got' to hear it twice this week.

  3. yes, bad song. my girls love it. i'm getting pay back for all the songs i "made" my mom listen to :D

  4. My 13 year old and I were dancing around to this song in Old Navy just last week. LOL It is pretty stinky as far as Christmas songs.

    BUT I definitely think the Christmas shoes song is the worst ever. The man sends his son away while his mom is dying- just to get him out of the way. WHat if the mom dies while the kid is gone? Does he not think that this will scar the child forever? The dad sends him to the mall unattended (hoping he'll be kidnapped??)to buy shoes, of all things, with not even enough money to accomplish what he was sent for and he has to beg money from strangers. Has this father NEVER heard of stranger danger??? Bad dad of the year.

  5. I am totally irked that this seems to be the song my young children picked up out of all the Christmas songs on the radio!


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