Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not Irish...

Monday Ben and I marked our 13 year wedding anniversary.  I tossed around several sentimental ideas for blog posts...but who am I kidding, I'm just not very sentimental.  Or gushy. I love him, I think he's the best, and it's been a crazy-fast 13 years of goodness.  It works for us.

Monday morning (anniversary day) I got a call from Ben while I was watching Jake at swim lessons (or as Jake calls them:  Pool Lessons) that the cement guys had shown up.  We both said to each other, "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!"  Seriously, it made our day.  

That's how we roll.

Later that day, Ben was out chatting with the cement guys, and came in to tell me that it sounded like the foreman guy had an's no secret I'm totally enamored with accents.

Remember Julie?  And while I'm sidetracked for a moment, did I tell you all that Julie is coming back from Norway to Iowa on August 1st to go to college near by me?  Seriously, have I mentioned this, because I can't remember...

Back to the other story:  So yesterday Ben was home on break and went out to talk to the cement guys again and I tagged along (because it would be weird for me to go chat it up all on my own, after all) so I could listen to his accent.

While him and Ben were discussing whether or not the old wall to the basement may or may not cave in, I couldn't help but blurt out, "Where are you from originally?!?"

I, in all my infinite knowledge of accents, was guessing it sounded Irish.

He's from Yugoslavia.  

And he has quite the story of how he arrived in America...and it made me think (again) how everyone has a story.  I just wish mine had a cute accent to go with it. ;)

That's my story.


  1. You DO have a cute accent... just not here in the midwest. :) You have to go somewhere else for anyone to appreciate it.

  2. You DIDN'T mention that about Julie. How COULD you?

    It's like you have more important things in your life than blogging. Unforgivable.


    Happy for your happy news though, and congratulations on the 13 years. That really is some feat.

    Yugoslavia, huh? Yeah, you were close. ;)

  3. Tina is right! I bet you have a Midwestern accent and aren't even aware of it. :D

    Happy 13 years of marriage with wishes for many more.

  4. Happy #13!!!

    I am having a give a way on my blog, make sure you come enter!!!

  5. Happy 13th Anniversary! We're just a year behind you!
    I am totally in love with accents, too! You should come visit Willow Creek sometime--we have Claire from England and Bridget from South Africa. I'm in heaven listening to them and tell them often that they need to read children's boooks on CD so my children can pick up their accents!
    By the way--I referenced your blog yesterday in my workshop! Thanks for writing such stellar content! ;)

  6. Happy Anniversary! It's nice to know there is another couple out there that is not 'gushy.' We aren't either but we can't live without each other! :)

  7. If you go to Yugoslavia (or one of the new places as they have been re-named), you WILL have a cute accent.


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