Thursday, July 7, 2011

For the Love of Ponytails...

I have rekindled my fondness for the ponytail. 
High Pony...

For the past several years I opted for the bob.  I love the bob.  I miss the bob.  But sometimes, you just have to do something different because otherwise people get bored looking at you.  

Should I say that?  Maybe not.  Oh well.  It's true.  If you've had the same hair cut for more than a few years...people are tired of it.  Try something new.  Be fun.

So, in an effort to not bore everyone, including myself, I decided to grow it out.  And really, is there anything more fun than growing it out and then cutting it short?  I think not.  Super fun.

I did have an original point at the beginning of this post...oh yeah...ponytails.

I'm finding that they are WAY cooler in the summertime than my beloved bob. Cooler as in temperature, in case I was confusing you.  

And ponytails are fun...except when they're not.  But mostly fun...especially on this one:


  1. Lucy is so adorable! Before you know it, that ponytail will be hanging down her back or flying behind her while she rides her bike.

  2. Both of you are looking great and sometimes changes are fun.

  3. Your hair really did get long. Your daughter totally rocks the pony tail!

  4. I totally agree with everything in this post. :)

  5. Lovin the pony's! She's so darn cute!! Stylin just like her mamma! BTW, I'm back to long hair too...almost cut it last night but decided to grow it super Kardashian long!

  6. Wow, yours did grow out fast! You have such gorgeous shiny hair, jealous!
    Little one's pony tail is my fav though.

  7. That top-of-the-head ponytail is the cutest!

    I too have revisited the pony, except my hair is so thin to make my pony very tiny but who cares in this heat? Even so, come fall! And quickly!


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