Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh Kid...

Jake started Kindergarten this fall.  He turned 6 in June, and was more than ready for the challenge.  He's a little bummed though...apparently Kindergarten is not as difficult as he was hoping for.  This kid kills me.  He's so serious...and shy, but his eyes and expressions say all that his mouth does not.  He's a thinker.  He's always...and I mean ALWAYS listening, and repeating what he's heard.  Even when I'd rather he not.   I tried to explain that right now his teacher is just reviewing what they'd learned in preschool, and soon he'll be learning new sight words and reading books.

His response:  "Mom.  We had to learn about a chair.  What good does that do?  I think they're trying to make me stupider."

Did I mention he doesn't always believe me?

Seriously, kills me.  Love that kid.


  1. LOL!!! When my coworker's kid started kindergarten, he apparently was so disenchanted by his classmates that one day he put his head in his hands and said (LOUDLY), "I'm surrounded by idiots."

  2. well, I hear in kindergarden they do try to make kids stupider (is that a word) or at least more even across the board. Poor Jake might be suffering for a while.

  3. Hahaha! The drawbacks of being one of the senior members of a kindergarten class. We are the opposite here. Beatrix is still 4 and in kindergarten. She's totally dazzled by it all.

  4. My son turned 6 on his first day of kindergarten. He was (and is) a smart dude, too. He complained that the "other kids ask too many questions." Meaning, when the teacher reads them a story, they have permission to stop and ask questions when they don't know a word. He already knew all the words, and it drove him crazy. He's now 25, and I'm wishing right then and there we had looked for a gifted program for him. He was bored the whole way through.


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