Monday, August 29, 2011


I like small spaces.  Small houses, small churches, small mini-vans, small cars, small towns, small groups of people.

Like Alan Jackson said in the 90's..."It's alright to be little-bitty"  

I adore little bitty.

But...I also like my personal space...I'm complicated.  :)

I think the addition to the parsonage is going to offer the best of both worlds...enough space yet cozy rooms. Sounds nice.

The addition project to the parsonage is coming along so, so well.  I can hardly believe it.  I like to stand inside of it and imagine actually having people over without hours spent rearranging furniture in order to make standing room.

When finished, the parsonage will definitely not be little bitty anymore.  We will have room to spread for people.  I am excited about room for people.

Last time I  blogged about it (in June) it looked like this:

And Now...

You might notice it has two doors, right beside each other.  The plain one on the left goes straight into the laundry/mud room and a hall to the bathroom.    The door on the right, or as I call it, "The Pretty Door" (because I'm so in love with it.) will be the main entry.  With this set up, the kids will use the door to the mudroom to bring in their mud, thus keeping the other entry (into the dining/kitchen area MUCH cleaner.  YAY!

I'm super excited about this door.  I'm planning on painting them dark gray.

What amazes me most about the whole addition is the fact that it's being built by the guys in our church, who are sacrificing their time and energy to bless our family (and their wives and children are too!).  It's amazing.  And humbling.  And makes us so thankful for our church family here...not because they're building us this big house, but because their hearts and actions show such love and is truly an honor to serve with people like that.  


  1. It is great to see so much has been accomplished. As we say in the south you are in the short rows now meaning you are really close to the finished product. Can't wait to see interior finished pictures. Have a great week.

  2. 2 doors are a WONDERFUL idea! The body of Christ is such a beautiful family. So great they are pouring love on your family in this way.

  3. Praise the Lord for their desire to serve the Lord! Because your people desire to serve the Lord, not only is He glorified, but others are lifted up,encouraged and blessed by their selfless, loving example! So happy and excited for all of you. :) What a wonderful testimony that is to your community.

  4. What a great update! I'm so happy you shared the progress, but I'm even more happy you shared how the hearts and hands of your church family are building so much more than just a house.

  5. Thanks for sharing. They are doing an amazing job - can't wait to see the "pretty" door painted.

    I understand about the space thing too. We had one parsonage where people were actually standing in the hallway to the bedrooms because of the limited space we had. How fun for you !!

  6. YAY! How exciting! I am thrilled for the addition to the parsonae! We recently moved to a new much roomier parsonage, so I share in your excitement! I've never in my life had this much room! SO EXCITED for your family!

  7. How fun!! The addition looks beautiful, too!!

  8. What a blessing. I love your pretty door.

  9. Wow! That looks wonderful! I am so happy for you and your church. It is really refreshing to hear some positive talk about a church and how it treats the pastors family. Yay!


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