Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blogging Happy

Day 11 of 31 Days of Happy

Blog Happy

My own blog makes me happy.  That's probably not politically correct, but it does.  I've been at it for over 3 1/2 years now...never dreaming that I'd stick with it this long.  Lately I've been having fun flipping back through my archives and re-living some of those days, weeks, months...years.  

Which really, is the whole reason I write.  To document our journey.  I should, in the very least, look back and enjoy it. 

I haven't networked to make its readership grow, I haven't honed in on my audience, no advertisements, and certainly no money made.  I like it this way.

Just me writing what's in my head, on my heart and in my life.  That makes me happy.


  1. I totally understand! For awhile when I started, I thought I needed more readers, but then I thought about WHY I write, & discovered it's mainly to document things for my family. When I stopped worry about numbers, I started enjoying it a lot more.

    PS- I've been subscribed for about 2 years now & rarely comment, but I enjoy reading all your posts! :)

  2. And that's why I love your blog :) I feel like such a creeper to say I've been reading for 2 years or so, considering I hardly ever comment. But I do love what you have to say!

  3. Not sure how long I have been reading...I think you were pregnant with Lucy. I have commented a couple times. I love this post, it is why I have kept reading!

  4. I feel the same way about blogging, and I enjoy reading your blog because it is so easy to relate to :)

  5. And I like reading it! It's very warm-hearted, your blog - and funny and witty as well!
    All the best from Geneva

  6. Your blog makes me happy too! :-)


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