Thursday, October 20, 2011

One and a Half

Day 18, 19 & 20 of 31 Days of Happy

Is combining three days of happiness in one post cheating?  I think not...I prefer the term "efficient."

Today Lucy is officially 1 1/2 years old.  

She talks non-stop.  Most of it we do not understand.  Her brother Jake (6yrs wise) informed me it's because she's speaking in Chinese.  Alrighty then.  

She has gotten quite good at saying animal sounds, uh oh, and sit.  And if you saw her cute little Miss America wave, you'd die.  She has the wrist-flick down to perfection.  

She also screeches.  A lot.  When happy, mad, excited, get the idea.  

We'd like the screeching to stop.  Like immediately.

The screeching aside, she's a hoot.  And so stinkin' adorable we can hardly stand it.  

She makes us all happy.  


  1. Happy half birthday Lucy!! Reminds me a lot of my Annie...they are so so so much fun!

  2. I'm also doing the 31 days of Happy and I, on several occasions have been "effcient!" Happy 1/2 little Lucy

  3. Happy 18 months to happy Lucy! On the downhill slide to 2 now. Weeee!

  4. It seems impossible she is 1 1/2. Weren't you just pregnant yesterday? ;) I've been out of the blog loop. So happy to.see you are still at it!

  5. What a doll and what a fun age, screeching aside!


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