Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Knocking Out the Projects

Once I get the sewing machine out, I feel the need to just plow through a bunch of projects.  I found the idea on Pinterest from this sight.  It will be one of Lucy's Christmas presents.  They are fabric/felt letters, and they turned out super cute. 

This is the backside of the letters, I used a really pale pink flannel. 

And this is the little bag I made to store them in.  Turns out, draw string bags are easy.  I <3 Easy.

Lucy loves playing with her baby dolls.  I love that she loves it.  In these pictures, I was trying to empty out her doll cradle so you could see the cute pad thingy I made for the bottom of the cradle...but she was getting ticked at me.  Every time I took one out she scolded me and put all them back in bed.   

 Finally, here's the quilted pad.  I love this material, it reminds me of vintage 70's stuff.

And the babies are back to bed.  I've taught her well, I guess.


  1. Those letters are SO CUTE. The cradle pad is adorable also and the slipcover from the last post... AMAZING. I know, from past attempts, that it takes some determination to get a slipcover done and seeing your method just proves that I didn't know what I was doing :P It all looks great! You're inspiring me to dust off the sewing machine I've had since I left home... but have rarely touched.

  2. Those letters are precious!! Oh, and so is Miss Lucy! Hope she continues with the neatness :-)

  3. Cute letters are very creative...and diligent!


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