Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The Crime:  

Right boot

Left boot

The Weapon:  Dry erase marker

The Guilty Party:

Her brother left the marker upstairs.  We forgot to gate the stairs.  Really, she's a victim of her circumstances.

Plus, she's cute.  That helps.

When Ben discovered the boots and brought them downstairs, I couldn't help but just shake my head.  By the 4th child, I've learned that nothing is sacred from the devastating effect of the marker. And let's be honest...Uggs are for comfort over fashion anyways.  I'm still wearing them.  Now they just have character. ;)


  1. Maybe you could continue the theme all the way around the boot and make it look like fringe. Kidding . . .

    I would keep wearing them too.

  2. Maybe since it's on the inside side of the boot, people won't notice. :)

  3. She's an artist. What can you say? She just used her creative license to fancy up your boots. Maybe she has a future in design.

  4. you could dye them black to hide the marker. I've washed my Black UGGS, they are black, they come out fine!

  5. I love it! A victim of circumstances, indeed. At least she knows how to strike when opportunity presents itself! :)


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