Monday, January 9, 2012

Remodel Update

It's been forever since I've told you about our remodeling project going on here at the parsonage.

I tried to go back and find the last post on it, so I wouldn't repeat myself.  Turns out someone needs to label her posts better, sheeesh.  I couldn't find much.  Someone also needs to update their blog more often.  Annoying.

In September it looked like this from the outside:

The inside of the addition was just bare bones.

Our main builder/deacon works for a farmer, so the project sat on hold for a few months while they harvested.  Which was totally ok, it gave us all a break from construction for awhile.

But Marlin is back to work and it's so much fun to see progress!

This picture is at the top of the stairs (2nd floor) taken from the old part of the house.  We refer to it as the "old house" and "new part"...we'll likely still be saying that ten years down the road...because that's how we roll.  

Until recently, when it was all insulated, the guys have been crawling through that little attic door every time they went to work out there.  

And now it looks like this!  Straight in is the master bedroom, and to the left inside the new doorway will be Lucy's new room.


The hubby has been helping when he can too.  And Jake thinks it's great fun to sweep up the drywall dust.
This is inside the master bedroom.  The walk in closet door is on the right...

This is inside the closet.  EEEK!  I'm so excited about that closet.  I need to show  you what mine looks like right you can be as excited as I am. ;)

Ok, now I'm taking you back downstairs...

This is looking into the new kitchen, from the old kitchen.  

Today they're putting up drywall on the ceiling.  They're standing in the dining room now. :)

And tomorrow, we go look at kitchen cabinets.  For real.  


  1. It is so much fun to see it all come together! I know it isn't fun to live in it but the end result is awesome!

  2. Can I just say how wonderful it all is? That you will have an actual walk in closet! And that YOU get to go look at cabinets. AMAZING!!

    I hope you feel loved by your church, my friend!
    .......i'm a little jealous....;) jk......kinda.

  3. Wow! I am so excited for you to enjoy all your new spaces! New space + pinterest = ah crazy awesomeness!

  4. The list of good things about formica countertops just goes on and on. They are the best choice that you can make if you want to redo the look of your kitchen or bathroom.

  5. That is AWESOME!!! I am so excited for you. I can't wait to see the finished project!!!

  6. Awesome! Really excited for you!


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