Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Around Here...

While perusing the aisles of Target recently, I bought this laundry detergent based solely on the fact that I loved the box.  It's pretty.  It cost more than the stuff I usually buy.  It brings me cheer.  

And it smells good.  

I can't get enough of this Bible study by Beth Moore.  It has me reading commentaries.  And rubbing my temples because sometimes it makes my brain hurt.  In a good way.

I've been doing a little sewing.  Nothing fancy.  I made this little cushion for the rocking chair that Lucy got for Christmas.  She insists on not sitting on the cushion...she flips it up every time she sits down. 

Baby Alive goes everywhere.. is everywhere.  Lucy loves her.  She is also always naked.  I'm not sure what Lucy has against her babies being clothed.  

The Kindle's dreamy.

I've been working on getting things organized around here.  Again.  The funny thing about organizing is that doing it once does not keep you organized.  Apparently it's an ongoing thing.  A Lifestyle.  Shocking, huh?  

I prefer the organize then get messy then organize then get messy approach to life.  Right now, I'm in the organize phase.  Which is sort of ridiculous since I'm also in the remodel/addition phase of our home.  

By the way, the downstairs of the addition got painted last week.  EEK!  But when I try to take pictures of it, well, let's just say it looks weird.  More on that later.

Messy faces...
 Thanks to pinterest.  Again.

I recovered the dining room chairs again.  This time I used a "laminated cotton" so it's wipe-able without being to plastic feeling.  So far, I love them.  

This hangs on the fridge...bossing me around every day.  

And that there is a whole lot of random.  As is our life.


  1. you just added some cheer to my day :)

  2. I love how clean is at the bottom of your to-do list. Nothing like keeping it real. :)

    Also, that box is a masterpiece. Seriously. (Marketing nerd alert): I really miss great packaging on the throwback Pepsi cans. Love.

  3. that whole thing about organizing and then it gets messy again... i wish it weren't like that. i like things i do and things i buy to last forever. when it doesn't (when it gets messy again, when things break) i feel robbed.
    i think it's hilarious in the way that only kids can both irritate and endear at the same time, how lucy flips up your chair cushion that you slaved over... (or maybe you didn't... i'm just saying that for added drama).
    also, my heart jumped at the sight of that pack of fresh sharpies.
    that is all.

  4. Love love love the chair cushions!

  5. LOVE the chair covers. That is my new color scheme for my downstairs.

  6. Organization + kids = oximoron :)
    Thank you so much for the conference link! The second speaker this week has rocked my world--don't ride the coat tails of your husband's or ministry's spirituality. Ouch! Can't tell you how much I needed to hear that! I so appreciate you for starting the whole thing! ;)

  7. Last year when I organized our storage room Dave kept reminding me that "you're going to have to do it again in a year". And I wanted to hit him, but he was right :) Things tend to disorder and it seems like we're always fighting it!

    I absolutely LOVE the wipable fabric you covered your chairs in, would you mind telling me where you got it? Ours have a microfiber suede on them and they are never clean! I'd love to recover them in something more kid friendly :)

    Oh, and our dolls are always naked. I don't understand.


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