Monday, February 20, 2012

Around Here...

The remodel project is coming along!  

And upstairs...

...just little sneak peaks. :)  I promise a whole walk through once it's done.

Right now I should be painting...


My organization spree continues.  Again.

I started using a plain old planner from Target this fall.  Just to see if I would actually use it.  And I did *insert clapping for myself*

So, when I found a coupon for this planner that I've been dreaming about.  I jumped on it.

Thank you 

The. Cutest. Planner. Ever.

On another note...

  • I went to vacuum out my van today, but then decided it was too windy.
    I'd likely get a ticket for littering once I opened the van doors and the wind got a hold of all the garbage in there.  Now, instead, it can just blow out when I pick the boys up from school.  Nice.
  • Priming drywall is hard work.  And I am a wimp.  
  • I stood in Target for several minutes trying to find the best deal on ground coffee (by the pound.)  Because lately, I've been a little picky.  And cheap.  I finally decided on one that was $7.99 (Archer Farms Caramel.)  Oddly, I didn't think twice about the almost $5 I paid for ONE grande iced caramel macchiato that I giddily bought from Starbucks on my way out Target's door.  At least I'm aware of my discrepancies.
  • Lucy thinks Curious George is a dog.    
  • I watched The Bodyguard twice this weekend.  Once, on Lifetime, while there were ten hours of commercials...but I did get my whole ironing pile done.  Then last night, DVR'd, so I could skip commercials.  I have no shame.   
Happy Monday!


  1. I watched it twice too...both on Lifetime! I miss that Whitney! I am loving your kitchen!

  2. WOW! Sarah that kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! I just LOVE how it is so neutral. Provides a lot of opportunity for pops of COLOR, which I can totally see you doing. Can't wait to see more!

  3. i laughed all the way through this post. (pointing at eye, making heart with hands, pointing at you)

    1. (because what is life without bullet points and fragments?) that planner is the cutest!

    2. the commentary on the van garbage. i'm still laughing! let's be neighbors. we can litter the earth together. :) (only you have to move here. i don't do "shoveling snow".)

    3. coffee. YES! i gripe and whine (wah wah wah) about the cost of it by the BAG but think nothing of the exorbitant cost of it by the cup. something is wrong with me. i should really have than seen about.

    4. lucy thinks curious george is a dog! can i have her? :)

    5. the bodyguard... watching that twice is not nearly as alarming as ironing. i don't iron. it's against my religion.

  4. Your kitchen is gorgeous! Just imagine how much more you will like cooking in it. Lol, just kidding! I love your remodel and can't wait to see the final walk through!

    Thank you for being such a sweet, encouraging woman!

  5. Oh don't get me started on the van! It hurts to think about!

    I love your new planner. :)

  6. Your kitchen is already amazing without one plate, bowl, cup, or appliance. Love the planner, too.

    I always get planners/spiral calendars and end up using them for only a few weeks. So lame.

  7. Your renovation is gorgeous! I know you are so excited!

    Those planners are too cute to use :) I'm totally electronic, which is nice but decidedly less cute. I do print out each month's calendar to place on the fridge but again, little cute factor.


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