Friday, May 25, 2012

Remodel Pics Part II

More remodel pictures.  Finally.  If you missed pictures from the upstairs, you can click here.  I think we can all agree that photography is not my gift, so you'll just have to bear with me through the photo tour.

I took a bunch of pictures from different angles, just to try to give you a better idea of where you're at and what you're seeing.  It ends up making it more confusing...that's not unusual for me.

Let' start as you walk through the main door to the new part which is actually at the back of the house...

(Out that long window is a view of the side of the church, about 6 feet away :)

I did finally buy some barstools for the island, after much deliberation.  It ends up that the ones I really want are both expensive and impractical for four kids.  So I ended up buying the cheapest, most practical ones I could a Farm and Fleet store, none-the-less.    They are currently waiting for me to paint them something fun so they can be less boring.  More pictures on those later.

This is the other side of the island.  I wanted all drawers because they are so easy to access and load full of stuff.  I love them.

There is a handy drawer for all the kids stuff...

And plenty of room for tons of flatwear, which makes it much easier when unloading the dishwasher!

Here's some random for's the cupboard under the stove-top and it houses all the pots and pans.  The shelves slide out, and I adore them.

And the garbage/recycling bins hidden away in a cupboard = dreamy.

The pantry cupboard.  

This is the view looking into the old kitchen.  The old kitchen is waiting to get torn out.  The wood-laminate flooring will be carried into the old kitchen, once it is gutted and leveled out.   We aren't quite sure what we will make that room into, but I picture big comfy chair for reading...and bookshelves. :)

The chalkboard wall is a family favorite.  So fun.  Behind the chalkboard wall is the 1/2 bathroom.  And then the mudroom/laundry.

More random views, because I got carried away.  I bought the curtains at Target and just hemmed them so that when I let them down, they only go to the bottom of the window (instead of the floor)  They are super easy to tie and untie.

I ended up making the laundry room and window above the sink curtain from fabric that I ordered form  Super simple and super crooked means good. enough.

Having more wall space to be organized has been SO NICE.  I've been trying out various organizational methods.  It appears the main flaw in each of them is me.

This area has sort of become Lucy's.  It works for now.

We are so enjoying all the space.  And the break from construction. :)  There are a few projects left yet, like cement work for the outside steps, gutter stuff, tearing out of the old kitchen etc.  Eventually, the old part of the house will get new windows and siding as well.  It's a process.  And process is good because it creates a sense of thankfulness for completion.


  1. I just LOVE it all... and it's so very clean & tidy :)

  2. So cute! I'm curious did you paint your wire baskets? The one on the table and top of the pantry? They match so well! And I love the mis matcha chairs that all go together.

  3. LUV your house. So adorable! You have a really lovely kitchen. I'm a little jealous of all the drawers. Real nice.


  4. Sara@isass, I did paint those baskets (a few times now:) Spray paint is magical.

    Thanks for your sweet comments everyone! And, for the record, I absolutely cleaned up each section of kitchen before I snapped the picture, and I'm quite sure it was in disarray again after the picture was taken. It's like a law of science or something.

  5. I love it! It looks really really good.

  6. AMAZING! Dear, I love your dining table. It’s so distinctive. Its different chairs add more character to your dining area. I’m guessing it’s on purpose. Your family must have a permanent seating position, and the chairs are based on the age of who owns the seat. Ooh, I hope I’m right. Haha. I love the concept though – so much. And I love what you did with the rest of the house. Just brilliant!

    Kristopher Diss


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